Jitter or no Jitter...

  • Not entirely monome related, i know...

    I need to buy MAX for a course i'm taking. Should i buy the version that includes jitter or the one without?

    I know i could download the trial version and try it out but i need to buy it pretty soon and i don't think i will have enough time to evaluate properly. I'm mainly interested in making music but not opposed to using other media to that end.

    What do you think?

  • Do you need to write new patches or only use existing ones? You can just download MAX runtime for free if you only need to run patches that already exist. I didn't know this a few weeks ago :p

  • i needed to make this same exact choice about 3 days ago. i decided to go for the student version (without jitter). i figured my 250 was better spent in other places :)

  • @scatt3rbrain

    Yes, I need to write my own patches, i already have the runtime. I hope you didn't buy the program just for the ability to run mlr ;)

  • unless you really want to work with visuals tightly integrated w/ Max audio (and you have the time to do so) i would suggest just getting MaxMSP.

    Jitter is a whole new world of programming (even if you are highly proficient w/ Max) so i would suggest learning MaxMSP really well first. most likely you will learn enough about Max that you will be so busy making bizarre new patches for music that making Visual patches is just too much effort.

    hope your class is as enjoyable as learning Max was for me!

  • earthrise: can you even get the student license without Jitter? I though they had gotten rid of that option.

    I am using a 9-month student authorization at the moment (which includes Jitter) and I can upgrade to a permanent authorization for an additional €210 when it runs out.


  • so turns out i actually can't read...?

    "Max/MSP (without Jitter) is now a retail-only product, no longer available for educational institutions or students."

    i interpreted that as the complete opposite from what it actually says. turns out i own jitter!

    so question, jitter isn't a separate app but just visual devices within live? those 3 devices under the jitter tab when adding an object are all that jitter is? i'm sure they are very deep/complex devices, just doesn't seem like a lot on the surface.

  • just go into a max patcher, hit "n" and type jit....then you will see how much there actually is.

    It is not just visual devices, the main thing is THE matrix (jit.matrix), kind of what signals are for MSP. and in the same way you can do all kinds of calculations on signals, you can do the same with matrixes

    and then there is the whole wide world of OpenGL, shaders and so on....

  • i'll stick to sine waves :)

  • @andersekman--Nope, and I am very glad that I asked around first!