Monome+Evolver monophonic desktop

  • Hello all,
    There is a long time I came here. I bought a new expander called the Evolver desktop, and I have a little question.
    I would like to have an app wich can create arpegios, the Evolver desktop is an anologic monophonic synth. I didnt try it with my 80h yet, I prefer to ask to specialist here :)
    So, I would like a step sequencer wich send midi notes and velocity and, to be perfect, midi clock too.
    Is there an application wich fit to my desire?
    Thanks to all, and sorry for my english, but I am french lol

  • There are a lot of good sequencers out there. A new one just out is soyuz. It "scrolls" and is lots of fun:

    Stretta's made a few. Here is one of his simpler ones to look at:

    Boiingg is also really good for monophonic fun:

    And so is presscaf

  • Thank you man, I think I will try tintinnabulome. It looks like what I want to make sound with the evolver :) I tried Polygom

  • I have an evolver, you might want to experiment with using its sequencer so change the timbre of a sound very slightly on each note (you really need to buy the editor though the sounds it comes with are kind of wtf and its not fun editing onboard)

    once you get a handle on that and stuff some of your own sounds in it, it is a great synth.

  • I use monome apps to trigger notes on the evolver all the time, or gate the evolver's sound through - it's a great pair!


  • I have still have the editor for the Evolver Defex :) sure it is easier to edit sounds. I didnt work on synthesis fron the 90s lol but I remembered quickly. You are right, the 2 analogic oscillators are really great.

    Hey Antimon, what monome apps do you use with it? I am curious.
    I tested polygom

  • I use my own homebrewed ChucK stuff. I've actually made an arpeggiator that I've been thinking about putting up. It's not very intuitive though...