• Is anybody else having a hard time waiting for (realistically) early November? I read a blog post about the Tenori-on last Monday, did some looking around, and by Friday found this site and pre-ordered the 256. I'm now frantically learning Max/MSP and checking this site almost hourly, hoping for a few crumbs.

    I wonder if my life will go back to normal once the 256 arrives, or if my wife will divorce me over a box that "does nothing, basically"?

    Great work, tehn.

  • Ha! Your life will be normal AFTER you get the 256??

    Keep Dreaming! ;-)

    (be prepared to lose many nights of sleep, and start practicing begging your wife not to leave you...)

  • glad you're excited, we are too. we're actually doing well with our shipping schedule, i'll be posting assembly photos tomorrow...