Why always Ableton Live?

  • Hello all,
    I have a simple question lol
    Why Ableton live is so present in the forum :) Nobody worked on Reason? or others?
    So let me know why quite all are on Live lol (I do not talk about Max wich is necessary, and it is the base)

    Ps:I know I open a hard debate but I think it is interresting.

  • ohhhhhh......
    that will be a debate....

    its easy for me....
    i used reason for YEARS....
    its cool.....
    but its restrictive////
    ableton can do everything reason can....ANd
    VSTs which keeps things fresh and new (as far as sounds)
    the kill killer killington....
    ableton = audio input.....
    reason seriously fails there.....
    most of my music is sampling myself, and instruments....
    to be able to loop chop stretch pitch reverse.... whatever in the same DAW......
    why use any other one???
    (unless its gleetchlab, audiomulch.... something specific.... for weirdness...)
    but ableton is just the king of hill man....
    thats that

  • Yes I agry with you, you have audio inputs, better than Reason for that for sure.
    But if we not talk about samples? lol (cubase or cakewalk for examples wich are DirectToDisk and midi studios)
    For me I tried Live long time ago, maybe 2 years, and I did nothing with it.
    So I stayed with Cakewalk and Reason in rewire and several Vst and Vsti and Molar wich is a Vsti.
    Maybe I didnt understood why Live is good lol. Maybe another phylosophy

  • I use live because it's super fast for me to work in with little set-up time.
    i can just start it up and begin sampling, looping, arranging, and fucking shit up pretty much instantly.
    but like anything in music... it's just a tool. it's more about how you feel working with it.

    if you love working in reason and like the results... +1 for you.

  • I was a huge Cubase user for years. Someone highly recommended Live to me, and I thought, "why would I try to learn something new when I'm so comfortable in this other environment?"

    At first it took some getting used to, because it's fairly unique in it's approach. But when I finally figured out the concept, the possibilities started to seem endless. You can route anything anywhere, sample, loop, resample, arrange, turn the arrangement into a sample, create complex midi patterns/routing, loads of killer FX and good VST integration... anyway, it goes on-and-on.

    I have the same experience now as mapmap. You can just start from scratch with practically nothing and in a strange way it encourages just playing around. It tends to give me inspiration in different directions I wouldn't have normally thought to go.

  • Live is so flexible for performing as well. There are so many possibilities with audio routing and midi mapping, it's easy to build your own environment for live shows. Build a rack of vsts and map all the necessary controls any way you like to your midi controller and you can seriously close up your laptop and never look at the screen. I'm not saying this can't be done with other software, but live just keeps everything simple, and endlessly capable.

  • i use cubase in teh stuido - have done since 97, however for playing out live - nothing eally beats ableton really. its solid and its easy and its slick. as most people on here are performers etc as well as prodcuers then we are always looking for ways to make our sets stand out, therefore integrating monome apps thru ableton gives us the ability to be creative, and solid sounding and unique.

    well in my opinion anyway

  • Live is more like an instrument then a sequencer. I love the session view and use it almost exclusively. The Scenes are also very handy. Once you get a good groove going you can make variations in no time and try them in context by playing around with scene.
    I never liked to arrange stuff and with live you can make a whole arrangement by olaying and live records everything into the arrange for further editing. This is proceless for me.
    It´s great that you can record and replay so simple, i use external instruments a lot and love how easy recording actually is, compared to Logic which i used before ...

  • i have only fooled with live a few times. once a few years ago and again just recently. my biggest thing as a performer is that i want to keep things as live as possible. usually my rig is reason with a few stand alone synths so i can trigger drum samples live as well as play bass/synth lines. i do a lot of live looping with guitar pedals and the like. i am more attracted to ableton as i get my own shit together i just haven't taken the plunge. instead i dive into max/msp and more hardware design.

    i suppose my switch is just about one weekend in the near future where i just sit down and learn the ins and outs of ableton. i do really like having an audio input to fuck with.

    as far as daws - neundo! i love it so hard and the summing bus sounds great. though PTHD 8 has some really sick shit.

  • Live provides an environment in which I can do so many things, easily and with great stability.

    - Recording live instruments
    - Acting as a DJ platform (warping tracks, and triggering them with the monome or MIDI controller of choice)
    - As a tool to record studio mixes
    - As a tool to produce tracks (electronic, or acoustic, or both)
    - As an effects processing tool / instrument

    it's also well supported and documented, so finding help is never a problem.

  • You can test Usine !

    I'm a hardcore Live user but...i don't know.... this software(Usine) hypnotize me and you can build your own interface/instrument with Vst(i use it to control...LIve lol ,for the moment....)
    It's a powerful software and only one man is behind this project!

    here the link to usine:


    try it! (free version available)

  • Oh !

    And Usine have OSC natively ;)