Syncing question...again

  • Hi.

    I know this has been covered in many posts before but i can't seem to make this work. I want to sync apps to live. I've tried with MIDI clock but the tempo keeps fluctuating up and down making it unusable. I've tried with rewire. Here's what happens in different apps.

    mlr aes - nothing happens.

    mlrv - nothing happens, max runtime reports *doesn't understand "clocksource"*

    mlr cyst - tempo locks to rewire master, however not the actual position of the beat. It can be off by anything from half a beat to the tiniest fraction depending on when dac is turned on.

    boingg - nothing happens

    I don't see how i can do things differently, i open stuff in the corrcet order (i think):

    live (rewire master)

    This really makes my monome experience extremely frustrating at the moment. I almost don't want to look at it!

    Any help would be sooo appreciated!

  • yeh the sync for most patches is pretty lacking. i'm working on updating the major ones for proper sync with a DAW.

    mlr aes will sync to midi clock (albeit with fluctuating tempo and no start/stop or location sync)

    mlrV won't sync to midi clock, only rewire clock

    boiingg - should sync to midi clock

    it is frustrating, i agree.

  • but what i don't get is that for some people it seems to work fine...why not me? what am i doing wrong?

  • hey andersekman,

    for aes mlr, i find that version 0.3 works the best for rewire sync for me. i believe i tried a later version at some point and had trouble getting it to work, but that particular version works really well. you might give it a shot. here's a link:

  • @phortran

    Thanks for the tip, i've tried aes 0.3 but it won't work. This actually illustrates very well what i don't get. When i try this NOTHING happens. It's as if mlr doesn't even notice that i have rewire running (tempo wise, routing audio and so on works perfectly). Is there something wrong with my rewire driver, is it MAX or somthing else? Can anyone shed some light on this?