[ivdt070] before we melt - feat. edison, phortran, + more

  • hello everyone,

    ivdt has a new release up entitled 'before we melt' featuring bitcrush, electricwest, lackluster, phortran, nik jade, edison, qu.one, phylum sinter, headphone science, and set in sand. get it here:

    release page + flash player: http://ivdt.net/ivdtmp3070.html
    html version: http://ivdt.net/mp3070.html
    full release zipped [mp3]: http://ivdt.net/sounds003/%5Bmp3070%5DBeforeWeMelt%28MP3%29.zip
    full release zipped [flac]: http://ivdt.net/sounds003/%5Bmp3070%5DBeforeWeMelt%28FLAC%29.zip

  • sting!!!!
    i love these guys...!

  • My only complaint is that I had to retag the tracks with ivdt as the artist so they wouldn't be scattered around my library.

    Amazing album though, I can't wait to listen to it all the way through.

  • There should be an album artist, or compilation tag you can check that should keep them all together.

  • @JP
    mmmm i think there is... yup, there is... at least in itunes. click on the track, get info, and it's right there at the bottom.

  • some choice names on here...I'll check it out for sure. thanks.