Quadrants + pages = impossible?

  • Hi there.

    Trying to run pages and another app at the same time using quadrants, can't get it to work though. Is this because i'm doing something wrong or because it just won't work.?

    Kepp trying or give up?

  • in theory it should work, though i haven't actually done it myself. setting up the osc ports is going to be the trickiest part. so i believe you give quadrants a pair of ports to communicate to monomeserial on, i think it suggests 8180 and 8100. you basically want to setup an external application page using those ports, and you probably want to put monomeserial on a completely different set of ports so it has a low chance of conflicting with something else. maybe 7000/7070 for example. then, as long as the prefix is right in the external app page setup, the external application page should start routing the messages to and from monomeserial. but again i haven't tried this, so something else might be going on.

  • @phortran

    But wouldn't your setup make quadrants run inside pages? I want to run pages inside quadrants. Split my 128 so that half of it is running pages and the other running for example mlr. So, if i'm not wrong the setup would need to be:

    ports in monomeserial:

    8010 and 8090

    then i guess quadrants sends osc messages to pages but on what ports i don't know, i only have the runtime and can't open it up and look.

  • oh, interesting! i'd be really curious to see if you can get this to work :)

    i'm honestly not sure if quadrants is designed to route applications from external osc sources or not! but, assuming it works, you'd basically do this:

    setup one of the quadrants to listen on osc ports 7000 and 7070.
    in pages 'osc settings' set the ports to 7000 and 7070.
    create new monomes with whatever prefix is going to be sent through, i'm assuming whatever is in monomeserial.

    i think that's all that would be required? you might try soundcyst's 'hub' application as well, not sure if it works any differently.

    good luck!!

  • Problem is i only have the runtime and quadrants won't let me specify the ports that the different applications use, it sort of takes care of that itself, don't know how =)

    But I will keep trying. Gotta check out hub as well.

    Thank you!

  • was just doing some reading on quadrants and it looks to me like it you need to set up pages on 8000/8080 for it to run through quadrants. this might interfere with other applications though, so you might try just pages first and see if it's even possible to get it going before moving on to other apps.


    hub, however, looks a lot more flexible:


    "it introduces a user-configurable OSC handler (so that runtime users can tweak the send and receive ports) as well as a customizable grid chopper"

    i'd say give hub a shot, it seems the most likely to work and play well with other applications.

  • Yeah, i just got it working with hub, need to do a little more testing though. Gonna try and set up a few external apps in pages as well. Yay!

    Thank you so much!!