led_row and led_col for 128 or 256

  • In looking at the monomeserial OSC protocol, I see the following for updating rows or columns for 8x8 monomes:

    /40h/led_row [row] [data]
    row: which row to update
    data: one byte of data (8 led positions)

    So if I want to turn on all leds on the first row in one osc message I would use:
    /40h/led_row 0 255

    where 255 is the decimal for 0b11111111

    That is all easily understood but what osc message should I send for updating rows or columns that are 16 across like for the 128 and 256 series monomes?


  • /256/led_row 0 255 255

    Every 8 pads across is another byte.

  • @bar|none
    that did the trick. thank you!