Bought a map~map case. Love it.

  • Just want to take a moment to say that I am very happy with the map~map case that I bought.

    Aesthetically, it suits the Monome (mine's a 128, although I have 256 envy), having a similar design sensibility of minimalism and understatement, while being lovely and stylish in its plainness. Map~map allows you to choose your own custom color combination and this is really fun.

    The case feels sturdy, has good angles and the fabric is satisfying to the touch. It feels right.

    My communication with Mr. Fischer was really easy and he's clearly invested emotionally in his work. He sought me out for feedback and wanted to make sure I loved what I had purchased.

    I love supporting people who do excellent work and do it with heart. So this was a very happy purchase for me.

    That being said, I REALLY NEEDED it. Previously, I was carrying the 128 around in the cardboard box in which it was shipped to me. This was, to say the least, awkward. I do a lot of work in public spaces (libraries, museums, cafes), so having an elegant case is a lifesaver.

    Consider this a rave review. It's sincere. It was not solicited by Mr. Fischer, whose style is obviously pretty low-key.

    If you're considering buying a soft case --- and why would you not? --- I recommend this. There are other nice alternatives out there, and I'm sure they're good too. I am happy about all the recent activity on this front. But this is the one I opted to go with and I'm very happy.

    The link is, of course, on the first page of this site.

    - c

    p.s. Now if only somebody would design a HARD case! Maybe something out of wood? Or metal? First person who does this, you got my dough. Beauty Pill's going on tour in the Fall in the States and Europe in the Spring. It would be nice to have a travel-worthy case that I would feel comfortable storing in the baggage hold of an airplane.

  • I didn't mean to put this in the "news" section. It should probably be in the "open" section. If someone wants to move it, that's cool w/ me.

    - c

  • those cases are so nice...I want one real bad, but I'm worried I'll never use the one someone slaved over to make me that isn't as clean as mapmaps. we'll see if the money permits though in the approaching months.

  • i ditto what beauty pill said entirely. these are great pieces and well worth the money. highly recommended!

  • wow guys, thanks so much for the kind words. it's so nice to hear that you guys like the covers and appreciate the design and craftsmanship.
    i've been working on a few custom projects lately. i just got word from Julien, the nice frenchman that i made a double 40h cover for, that he received it and it fits well... quite a relief. it was a good challenge.
    if anyone else has ideas for custom work, please get in touch with me.
    thanks again.

  • Agreed! I just received mine today, and I loved it. It came exactly as I imagined it, after having chosen my colours, and it's made with high quality materials. Also, everything looks perfect! I didn't see a single misplaced stitch or hanging thread! Definitely a labour of love. My Monome and I will be enjoying this case for a long time to come.

    Thanks again, Marc.

  • the mapmap case is ridiculously nice. i'm very glad i got one.

  • @MapMap
    Do your cases fit the Arduinome case offered by Curious Inventor?