Any news on saving in 64step?

  • just wondering... it was a question that arose quite sometime ago... i think it was never answered...

  • Right??

    This is like a ghost-question in full 'don't ask / don't tell' fashion.

    I don't get it. The 64step has somewhere in the settings the IMPLIED ability to save, but it behaves awfully. Every time I reload a project it either remembers the samples & spits them RANDOMLY across the grid, or remembers the pattern/arrangement & only loads one sample.

    And I've seen this question asked before but no one seems to have any answer.

    Not even Google or YouTube has an answer.

    Can you just not save in 64step?? At least that would be AN answer.

    Harsh. :l


  • I am having a lot of problems here.After try to load a session, 64step don,t import it correctly, only few steps randomly.

    I am using max msp runtime 5.0.8 and 5.1.4.

    Anyone has a 64step with a good save funtion or is successful saving sessions?

  • Sorry, I didn,t notice i have to use Max msp 4.6
    Now it works.