ikea 64 sized bags

  • dont want to steal anyones thunder, but i had a mooch around ikea today to see if there was anything i could hack for a 128 enclosure. Couldnt find anything, but i did see a perfect 64 sized padded bag, very very similar to the felt ones people are knocking out on the forums, for the bargain price of £9.99!

    it was pretty nice, well padded, and nice plain colours. a bargain for £9.99.

    they arent on the website, and i didnt get the name, but they should be eay to find for any UK monomers out there. If i buy one in the next few days i will post some piccys

    while i am on it, anyone found anything that can be hacked for a 128 case? I was going to get one off xndr, but the current exchange rate makes the case almost as expensive as 1 kit. dont think i can justify the cost at the moment unfortunately

  • I've been looking at this transparent tray:

    It's probably way too big for your monome 80h, but this tray could work very well with an Arduinome 128.

    You might want to check any local hobby/art store, especially the painter supplies department.. there are many wooden brush boxes or storage boxes that look like potential enclosures for your project. Look for stuff like this:


  • i looked at every single thing like that in ikea yesterday and ummed and ahhed about sawing, chopping, folding etc. everhything was a little too big or a little too small!

    very annoying

    i may try and wait and see what my pay is like at the end of this month. there is hope for a beautiful xndr enclosure yet!

  • Or you could just buy the faceplate and make the enclosure yourselve. Probably easier than chopping a too large existing one. Although, i must say the XNDR ones looks tasty. I used some aluminium H-profile and 1mm aluminium plate for the back. It's a bit heavy but solid and cheap.

    800 x 600 - 82K
  • hey sharpeye, if you get a pic do post it. My local Ikea is only down the road in Coventry and I could do with a bag for my 64.


  • there is a luggage and household section near the restaurant bit in our ikea (with a hoover and suitcases and stuff) it was just around there - i guess they are all pretty generic shops!

    will try and get down this weekend and post when i get it

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