+++ first EP out! +++

  • Hey everyone, me and a friend just finished an EP with a heavy touch of monome. We aim to upload a new ep every month or so to keep the candle burning. Check it out and let me know what you think:


  • Yo ! Will grab this tonight. Great artwork !

  • Sounds promising! I'll download it and let you guys know.

  • Wow, that is a really good album. Congrats. Highly recommended.

    No donation link?

  • sounds way sick...I'll have a good listen today and get back to you with some comments.

  • wow... i love that stuff

  • nice! dig the polygom

  • I'm glad you guys dig it!! Thanks for checking it out.


    yeah, our goal right now is to just promote songs for a while, while we work on new stuff.


    yeh, we used polygom

  • really really great music.

  • wow this is really good stuff indeed...and "twas twerth it"...yes!

    great work Eimhin, stoked to hear what comes next month...

  • Really digging this EP. Good work. Pretty stoked about future stuff.

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