Moderat: excited?

  • I apologize for such a monome unrelated topic, but who here is so stoked for the upcoming Moderat (modeselektor + apparat) album??

  • not me, the singing sucks, i will punch em out next time a i see them LOL, last album blows donky balls and sasha uses abelton instead of max haahah. i liked all there earlier releases when they were more experimental and not trying to bank off the hipster shit.

  • don't hate music just cause it has potential of mass appeal. it makes no sense.

  • ya i cant listen to it though, but i know some indy girls that love it though lol. i have it if anyone wants it, they are freinds of mine so i can hate all day. :) go on ichat/aim and i will send over the new album.

  • its a great album!
    ill definitely go see them live, but really im waiting for modeselektor to start touring again (with max!)

  • i agree the moderat album could have been much much better. i prefered the time they released their 1st one...anyway this is still a really good stuff if you're into modeselektor & apparat shit...i love the work on waves...slightly distorted apparat kind of it...but i agree for the singing thing...boring...still it's a nice lp to me...but i have to say i was expecting many more good surprises...