Java and Midi on OSX 10.5.6 or Java alternatives

  • hey everybody

    has anyone successfully worked out java midi support on osx 10.5.6?
    I’ve tried the MMJ library with rwmidi and promidi as well as the libProMandoMidiJNILib that is bundled with SevenUp but neither SevenUp nor MonoControl let me connect to Live (or anything else).

    I am currently working on a monome app in java, but with midi support like this it looks like i have to go for another language, any recommendations for languages with reliable midi and osc libraries?

  • Midi support under OSX 10.5.6 using mmj.jar is working fine for me. Try putting the jar file under /Library/Java/Extensions and see how that works for you. With the mmj.jar in place, I've also been successful in working with rwmidi and themidibus Processing libraries.


  • argh! The IAC-Driver was deactivated, cant explain how that happened but at least it works now

    ick raste aus