Monomulator - Free Monome Emulator for PadKontrol

  • Happy Holidays!
    TrackTeam Audio is proud to present Monomulator, a Monome 40h emulator for your Korg PadKontrol. Up Till now you needed a Monome to enjoy all of the nice community inspired Monome Apps. Now you can use these apps with your PadKontrol.
    Monomulator is a light non-cpu intense application that utilizes the PadKontrol's Native Mode. Monomulator receives SYSEX from the padKontrol and converts it to OSC messages that can be read by Monome Apps.

    To Download:
    Go to and register. Once you confirm registration, Log in and go to:

    You will see where to download the file. Enjoy!

    OS X and Windows
    Windows version coming, but want to iron out all kinks beforehand.
    If you would like to be informed when the windows version is released send an email to replace AT with @
    with subject "monomulator" and we will mail you when it is released
    Only Tested with MLR 2.25 and up.

    To see an example of what this does. check out:
    Hopefully Ill have time to get some more/better vids up there soon.

    If you enjoy using Monomulator support the great people of and buy a Real Monome.

  • Nice... I was waiting for someone to get this working solid. Rehousing the PadKontrol and using sparkfun buttons wouldn't be too much of a chore, and would yield a cheap mini-monome with some mismatched-button sizes.


  • nice! i love my padkontrol even more now

  • this reminds me... did the max/msp patch written ages ago for the korg microkontrol ever get put up on the wiki? if i asked really nicely, would someone with the file be able to put it up, or email to me?

  • very cool!

    im trying to figure out if the KP3 has sysex control for the LEDs on it, to attempt something similar (guess what i got for xmas! =)

  • @kid_sputnik I looked around a while ago to see if it had native mode. basically i was seeing if it was worth getting the 2 or 3 as i would just be using it as a MIDI controller I couldnt find anything about it. would definately be nice

  • @bang, i havent tried this app yet, as i dont have a padkontrol, but i was thinking th other day, does the app provide changable prefixes for osc, or just /box? cuz most of the newer apps use differant prefixes (/mlr, for example).

  • @kid_sputnik
    yeah, you type in the prefix you need. I personally havent tried out too many other apps besides MLR, having so much fun with that one. the only thing it doesn't support right now is row and column operations. Didnt really see a need for this with the 4x4 grid...
    having a hard time waiting for my 128 to arrive, so just swapped some stuff for another pK, now i have 4x8...way more fun!

  • cool. i wouldnt bother with row and col i guess, although some apps do use it (most of brians dont afaik). i mentioned prefix just because the new mlr apps use /mlr instead of /box.

  • Wow, thank you so much, this is working really good for me on Leopard :) I just have to get used to switching banks so I can control the other rows. This app really is fun to play with and gives me a taste of what it would be like to have a monome, if I could ever get one :)

    One big question, is there a way I can rewire this into ableton? And, on your site it shows a windows download, I haven't tried that one yet, but you have a windows version ready to go?

  • Yes, there is a windows version up.

    To rewire, In Max under DSP Options, chose ad_rewire, then you will choose MAX/MSP in Lives IO options...

  • hey, bangInclude, I've been trying to download from the trackteam link, but apparently all the links to the forum are broken. do you know of any other way to get this app? t1mp above mentioned that he saw a windows version on your site. is this your own site? I can't find a link to it. I'd really like to try out this program, or another similar one, on my pK. I only have a PC, so I need the Windows version.

  • I just noticed Trackteam took down their forums (which have been down for a week or so...maybe more..)

    Does anybody have the Monomulator to email to me?

    Or, you know when it will be available again?


  • I just got Molar running on my apc 40, I think. I can see the sequencer going in the vst inside of live but the output is not being displayed on my apc 40...any ideas? Thanks.

  • Is there a version of this out there for the APC20 ?

    for some reason, I can't get this to work for my 20. is there perhaps another step or one i am missing ? i followed the video to the "T"


  • pleaaaaase I neeeeeed the monomulator!
    someone get at me ... my APC is begging me for it