[fixed] vu problem

  • hello monomers!

    vu_ programs (under max/msp) are not working :(

    the prefix is correctly entered, but there's nothing in input. the volume is put to the maximum, and the mac osx audio input is set to microphone who's correctly working. does someone know how to fix that ?

    i'm on macbook this osx 10.5.6. i've tried with both version of max but without success.


  • You mentioned that you think dsp is the problem.
    I think the max saved the dsp last settings used so change them in an app thy has a dsp button and try again.
    I hope that fixes your problem.
    I might make a dsp app which is just the dsp settings so you can easily change them without having to open an extra app.

  • thanks for your help dove. After looking in max's forum, it appear that there is a file named DSP Status.maxpat in my max folder. I just run it and i can configure DSP. Strange that there isn't directly the options implemented in MaxMSP menu.

    Vu meters are working !!!