inverted tilt function on my Monome 64?

  • Hi everyone, I am new here, just bought a second-hand Monome64 and am already very happy about it... I'm a Max MSP programmer so will share some patches when they come, right. This place is extremely nice I have to say, great spirit!

    Just a question though, I noticed the tilt function seems all inverted in some ways on my 64: on the Max Calibration patch I can switch it and make it work without a problem thanks to the dedicated buttons, but on this Tiltmap64 application working on Chuck (didn't know that program before) it is just fucked up. I tried changing the cable direction in Monomeserial but all I can get is the up/down thing to work. Left/right still inverted in the best case, whatever I do. Does this mean the accelerometer inside has been put in a wrong way or something? And can I fix that by myself if it is the case?

    Thanks for helping. Monome is amazing, I can't help to work on my first patches!

    -i snor

  • i've noticed the same thing with my 64 in some apps. some apps have an "invert axis" option which corrects this.