Haplome? Anyone hear about another Monome app for he iphone/ipod touch?

  • Well, Haplome came out awhile back and the last I heard the maker was going to release a version that would make it functional for us Windows users, and also get some of the bugs fixed. But, that was so long ago I'm guessing the maker abandoned the project which is why I ask - "Anyone hear about another Monome app for the iphone/ipod touch.)

  • When the new version of touchosc is released then i'll post a monome emulator for touchosc up here.

  • Hi Dovemouse, did you get a monome emulator for touchosc working?

  • i too, am interested in this. please let me know. i haven't seen any recent updates for touchOSC lately, but i'd love a monome interface.

  • Damn. I forget all the promises I make!!
    I'll see what I can do later on today ;) I remeber starting the layout but it's probably gone now...

  • Dovemouse, you're a legend! I've been fiddling about with this all this morning. I've managed to send OSC from touchosc to osculator which converts to midi and sends to monome_midi, but the LEDs don't work as I don't think osculator talks back to touchosc (I assume this as there's no output port anyway!)

    Bit of an OSC/monome nube, but shouldn't I be able to communicate directly with m4l monomeserial/7up?

    Really looking forward to trying out your method :)

  • When my ipod touch finally gets repaired i will be making a max patch for use with fantastick to emulate a monome on the ipod touch/iphone. once it is up and running i shall let people know.


  • Thanks, so far the quickest and best monome emu for ipad, glad i bought it, I already wrote on your website board about the 128 version+win client, hope this is going to be released soon...

  • i like haplome because it's minimal and fast. all it requires is the haplome connect program to be running and it can talk to most any monome app. touchmonome seems to work (http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=7921), but it requires m4l and ableton live 8, which adds a bit of overhead. i'd love something like customizable like touchmonome with a minimal translation app like haplome connect (possibly a simple max patch?). i'm really interested in Control, as it's configurable like touchosc and the creator seems to have figured out how to make it work with monome apps (update forthcoming). http://charlie-roberts.com/Control/