flickering lights – ranting about new features, have a look at the end of the thread :)

  • as seen previously on vimeo – http://vimeo.com/4444655 – my implementation of the successful tonematrix is live

    if you have not witnessed the hype surrounding the tonematrix, check it out here http://lab.andre-michelle.com/tonematrix

    it is basically a step sequencer, but it features a adorable wave map

    For more information, please consult the wiki and feel free to edit the article where you see fit


    jar version: http://beer2peer.com/monome/flickering%20lights%20v0.4.2%20jar.zip

  • hey robb, great app! while still searching for my napoleonic hat, lemme report that it works great on my new built arduinome. who needs flash now! cool app design btw

  • screw flash, hehe!
    i think designs like that come naturally when you use that processing-library i was working with.

    btw, you got to show me your arduino sooon.

  • Thx robb.It works perfekt on windows and my 128.Its really a flashy app especially in a dark room. fun fun

  • Nice work man! As soon as I saw the tonematrix I wondered how long it would take before a similar app would appear for the monome.. I love the blinky tenori-on effect!

    Edit: oh, and it works perfectly on win XP SP2!

  • hello

    how can i run this app? is there a link to help for java app
    got a laptop with vista


  • I think it needs processing which you can get here:

  • thanks

    i had install processing but i don't know how it work :(
    have to paste something in the window of process? or open a file with process?

    thx for yours help

  • This is totally awesome, just got lost in it for the last few hours.

    Midi clock support, pages for each midi channel (maybe hold the bottom right button down and select pages with the bottom row 1-8 buttons), and patch save support would be incredible.

    Thank you very much for sharing it.

  • have set like this the seting file 8 16
    but only half of my 128 work ??? what did i miss

  • it's work =)) thx a lot for this app

  • wow, this is nice =)

    for some reason i was having trouble launching the full version but launching the .jar file makes things all good again.

    btw, mac os x 10.5.6

  • thanks for the kind words everybody

    that is strange, i’m on 10.5.6 as well
    The .jar version is not intended for macs as it does not come with the mmj library which is necessary on mac…

    @auditory canvas
    multiple pages? well i knew such a request would come, i really think this is about simplicity but multiple pages is pretty easy to implement and so is save/reload…
    coming soon

    source code will be made available once i am done with implementing features and commenting the code

  • amazing. But just the half of my 80h is working, is it normal? Just one 64 is working but both have the /flicker prefix.

    thanks robb to share this app :)

  • have you setup the setting.xml?

  • @robb
    I just have to say I loaded this app up last night on my 128 (I'm running on OSX) and had a blast with it! I think the simplicity of it is what makes it so much fun. I mapped each row to an 808 kit Drum Rack in Live and jammed with that for a long time. It did of course make me want to have it slave to a midi clock, but I know you are working on that already.

    After first seeing the video of it I thought the flashy lights would be annoying and extraneous and would be hard to tell what was happening visually with the sequence, but after actually using it, I found it didn't bother me at all. However, it's too bad the Monome firmware doesn't support variable LED intensity (someone please correct me if I'm wrong on that) as it would be a bit easier on the eyes if as a pulse is radiating out it could fade out just as it does in the Tonematrix Flash version. I can't remember if the Tenori-On behaves this way too but I know that thing is very intense on the eyes as well.

    Regardless, its a great little app and thanks for putting it out there so quickly!

  • from what i have seen on videos, the tenori-on does not allow variable itensity on the leds.
    There is a variable LED intensity firmware for monomes (40h only?) floating around, but it’s not perfect and there are some difficulties with the pulse width modulation it uses, as far as i know

  • robb> In fact, there was no settings.xml in the mac version. So, i downloaded the jar version and everything work !

    Very nice and lovelly app. Thanks again. Maybe you could add some beatclock sync. Or a preset manager ?


  • that’s strange, it should automatically create a settings.xml if there’s none…
    it should be inside the app package, e.g. /Users/alrick/Desktop/flickering\ lights.app/Contents/Resources/Java/settings.xml

    beatclock’s on the way but could take some time (damn those midi libraries)

  • zack b

  • @alrick, to view the .xml file you need to right click on the flickering lights file, and select 'show package contents'.

    You might already know that, but mentioned it just in case.

  • i didn't know that !! Thank you Auditory Canvas ! :]

  • it lights up no prob but am having an issue getting it to talk to ableton... curious what the correct settings in midi preferences and anything else i need to do?

    thanks !

  • make sure the midi port you are using is sending beat clock signals.
    Go to Ableton’s Preferencs, click MIDI sync and enable Sync for every output port you wan’t to use.
    Start flickering lights and select that same MIDI port under input devices (left menu), now click beatlock on and don’t forget to start the clock in ableton (i.e. press play)

    flickering lights is only a midi clock slave, btw

    @ auditory canvas
    thank you for pointing that out :)

  • hmmmm, thanks for your help and i can get the beatclock to sync up with ableton ok (the two indicators next to the EXT button are lighting up) but still no sound just lots of pretty lights...

  • windows or mac?

  • Hello, I'm having trouble getting it going. Though I'm very close, maybe there's an easy solution. I'm running it with a 256 (with width and height set to 16) on an intel mac with 10.5.6 .jar version with mmj and processing installed. I can press buttons on the monome to see the step light up and flicker, though i can't turn them off.. I just can't get it playing it seems. I even have beat clock set up. Start ableton and the first step flickers and stops there. I'm thinking that's why midi doesn't send to ableton either. Any ideas? Thanks

  • I'm basically experiencing exactly what veiss describes except I'm trying to run it on a 128. The previous version (w/o clock sync) worked fine. Robb are you using the RWMidi library?

  • I can't get 0.2 to run either, last version worked fine, but no joy with this one.

  • Same problem as others under 0.2 version with max osx 10.5.6

  • @crixmadine

    A Lot of monome mac users have mmj because of pages.

  • i was able to reproduce that bug, but then even v 0.1 stopped working, so i had to restart mac osx
    i’m still not sure what caused this but i made some changes to the code, would be great if anyone could try these
    and post a screenshot of the midi device lists if does not work

    sorry for the trouble

  • Sweet, works, thanks!

  • what a relief :)
    hopes this works for others as well

  • nice, will give it another shot tomorrow...

  • @robb - just wanted to say THANKS! for this app. Spent hours playing with it last night - even got my girlfriend involved. I played the right half of the 128 and she played the left. Awesome.

  • thx everybody,

    nice to hear this appeals to non-monomistas as well,
    which version did you use?

  • new version is working nicely, very good work robb, thank you! Very creative and inspirate apps, specially at night.

    an idea would be to add the choice of the midi note for each row, to simplify assignation in DAW such as live for sequencers.

  • you mean for an impulse-instance?
    i’ll change the root-note to a C and the default scale to ionian if it’s that what you mean…

    i am currently unsure about the multiple layers thing, as i think this is very much about simplicity and i can’t think of any unobtrusive way to change the layers
    [one mod button plus one to select the layer would require the mod button to activate its step once the button is released or after a slight delay. I’d rather have one control row than make one button react differently from the others, but that’s just me]

  • Just checked 0.25 and all working well again :-)

    I actually got the idea of the mod button hold down from the app Pages.

    Couldn't you do it like pages does, where if the button is held down and used as a mod it doesn't then activate the apps function - in this case selecting a note?

    Perhaps by a time out or something?

    I have no idea how they got it to do what it does in pages, but when you hold the farmost bottom row button down, and then press any of the top row buttons 1 onwards, it selects that page, but doesn't send the message to the app on the page you were on - example, if I were running MLR on page 1, and held down the far right button to change pages, it wouldn't trigger the sample in MLR.

    Does that make sense?

    I guess i wouldn't want to lose a row for the sake of changing pages, this app has already made me want a 256 much more, after using it on a 128, to then only have 7 notes to trigger instead of 8 due to a page changer row would be upsetting :-)

  • i think i’ll try a short time-out on the bottom right button

    if anyone could make a video using this (maybe in combination with another app), it would be SUPER GREAT as i could link it in a job application :)

    i’ll be back when i got the layer’s thing figured out

  • ok, now you've got multiple layers
    press the bottom right button directly followed (i.e. within 350 milliseconds) by a button of the first row to select the corresponding layer, otherwise the step is triggered normally

    every layer’s output is send to a midi channel of its own (thus you can’t have more than 16 layers)

    by default, every layer makes waves. If this is too messy for you, set settings.xml’s activeWavemapOnly to true. If you don't want multiple layers, set layers to 1.

    i also set the default root note to c and the default scale to ionian, triggering an impulse instance in ableton is now easier

    hopes this works for everybody, let me know how you like it

    PLEASE NOTE: your old settings.xml will not work with this.

  • Thanks once again Robb, the layers are awesome, and the page change method is perfect.

    I'm probably doing something wrong, but can you advise how to change the midi channel for each layer? They all seem to default to the same midi channel, and if I select a layer and change the midi output then it changes for all layers.

    I am using the IAC busses on a Mac.

  • @auditory canvas
    on a single midi bus, there are 16 channels
    the layers are directly linked to a midi channel (1st layer to 1st channel, 2nd to 2nd and so forth)
    try to set it up like this:

    170 x 363 - 20K
  • Dear god this is so much fun. Thanks, robb!

  • Robb, I am using Cubase, but that's basically how i have it running, but all layers send to the same channel one bus 1. or buss 2 etc.

    I'll check the config of my IAC busses.

    Edit, Robbs link to a post below was actually the problem with Cubase.

  • @tocsin
    thanks for using this application

    is there a demo/trial version of cubase so i can check this out? The IAC busses don’t offer much configuration

    edit: does this help you auditory?

  • Robb, after thinking it was my busses at fault, it seems they weren't, the post you linked to was actually the problem, thanks for finding it.

    I use Live for live performance, but use Cubase for production. So I had set them up before for using the Pages app, but never really used them for anything else until now.

    Totally in love with this app, especially now it has layers.

    How hard would it be to setup a mute control layer, I mean a layer that enabled you to mute or unmute layers by using the top row buttons?

    This would be awesome for using it live.

    So for example if I had 8 layers running, I could then hold down the page change mod button, and select the bottom row 1st button, which would then let me press top row buttons 1-8 to mute or unmute any of the playing layers?

    Appreciate you have already developed this enough, and it rocks already, so feel free to tell me to !@$% off :-)

  • Robb, if you tell me what sort of video you are after, I can try and get this done for you over the next few days.

  • looks pretty easy to implement, i’ll try it later after uni

    i’m basically looking for any performance video that features it, not necessarily as the only app, maybe in connection with outboard gear, maybe not; i am totally open.

    edit: but if you asking to get inspiration and don't know were to start: i want accelerandi and synth sounds set to 'oooahhhhh' :-)

    thank you

  • working smooth now on mac osx with monome 128... nice work and can't wait to play around some more. :)