About monome and reaktor

  • I Have a problem lol
    I cannot control Reaktor with the kid sputnik ensembles, I have the fee back of the osc but I cannot control reaktor with the monome 40h. Is there a midi configuration? or do I have A problem?
    All my max masp work. so I think I didnt understand something so help me please guys┬ž :)

    thank you

  • Check out this image uploaded by Mr. Battaglia:


    This post from the old forum might be of use:


    The post talks about Windows but I was able to figure it out on OSX as well.

  • THANK YOU very much. It is working
    why it was s o hard to find this information about the local port in Reaktor? lol

    Now I will work with reaktor for sure :)
    byebye minim and the others

    And thank you again

    Ps: this is my first video. Enjoy !! Now with reaktor anew world is opened lol

  • OSC is like the red-headed step child in Reaktor. it has to sit alone all day with the Reaktor MIDI file player.

    hopefully as more people start using it they will simplify and fix things. like, right now, when you type 'localhost' as your ipaddess, it converts it to your router's ipaddress, and not thats kind of stupid.