Monome TR-626 - Almost Finished - piccys

  • Here you go, not sure if anyone will be as excited as me about this, but i have almost finished my 128/80h housed in a Roland TR-626 drum machine case.

    It needs tidying up - i need to work out how best to mount the logic boards, and whether to stick a USB hub inside the box and how.

    Case is a Roland TR-626 with a xndr faceplate (not taken the protective film off the top yet which is why it looks a bit odd)

    Enjoy - and any suggestions as to what i can stick to the inside of the case to attach the logic boards to would be very welcome.

    3264 x 2448 - 1M
    3264 x 2448 - 722K
    3264 x 2448 - 1M
  • this is nice man! have you thought about some how making that wheel and two buttons assignable to the software or something? that'd be cool - scrolling through patches... :)
    a bit of good old double sided padded tape would do the trick for the boards in the case... hehe

  • Very nice indeed - what happened to the 626 though, gotta love those latin beats.

    Ghetto tip for attaching the logic boards, use double sided velcro. That way you can still get them out if you need to. I've always attached the velcro to the arduino, since I know I'll never be soldering that with the shield piggy backed.

  • does it still do Din Sync? =)

  • i was really cruel and offered my mate a free TR626. She was very keen, until she got the plastic bag which now houses all of the innards of the 626!

    velcro is a good idea, i am trying to use 2 of the holes on the side of the 626 where all of the outputs etc were, just to save me doing any more work!

    an alternative i have thought of is to try and cut a new back plate out of perspex to replace the old one, with just 2 USB holes in it. Not sure if my diy skills are up to it though