molar quantize?

  • hello,
    just started preparing a liveset with molar vst and i just cant manage to find out how to quantize stuff...did i miss something?

  • anybody??? please!!!!

  • Is stuff audio files that you've imported in to Molar? Or is it that you want to figure out how Molar quantizes button presses?

    Could you elaborate a bit more?

  • a row always quantizes to "16ths" (which are true 1/16th notes by default)

    However 16ths can be made to be something else with WARP (e.g. 8ths = warp .5). WARP simply scales the clock to be faster or slower for the row.

    but there are still 16 divisions to the loops so in this example of warp .5 you now have 2 bars of time for a row.

    You can use the WAV column to have Molar force the tempo of the loaded wav to be less or more, if needed.

  • i meant how to quantize button be able to "pre" launch clips before it starts or on the contrary to be able to launch a clip at any time very fastly...

  • Can't be done as far as I know.

    Still... there's a way to pre launch patterns by sending midi cc from a empty clip in Live to Molar. But that's not what you're asking for.

  • LP1 mode = quite quantized, LTG mode = not as quantised,need fast fingers...Not enough?

  • hmmm :(...thats what i thought...been searching everywhere some option to quantize buttons launch from 1 bar to 1/16 notes just like ableton...too bad i cant do this...
    thanx anyway guys :)