side project - stribe - "virtual stribe"

  • for playing with in Max



    This lets you sort-of play with a virtual stribe in Max. Vlad Spears wrote a Max abstraction that causes any pattern that's drawn on the matrixctrl version of the stribe to light up exactly the same on the physical stribe.

    Similarly, I have just finished setting it up so the range strips in the center of each channel (led pair) take the high value from the analog input and the low value from the same value delayed by a few milliseconds - this makes a sort of trails/rrange action that simulates whether your movement was fast or slow on the stripe, as well as it's length and location. This mimics the "cursor with slow trails" mode of the firmware cursor behavior as shown in the latest video. I think gating based on pipe/time values will be really interesting.

    Now I need to write the part that lights up the matrixctrl to match the leds on the physical stribe (hopefully w/ some help from Vlad and others) as controlled by firmware presets... plus did yet another rev of the driver board. busy elf. :)

    If you don't know what a stribe is go here:

  • It's so cool...
    I would have some questions about ribbons, for a personnal projects. Would you mind giving me your e mail adress?

  • If you are signed-in you can see my e-mail in my profile.

  • I started a Stribe forum:

    Just a skeleton right now, but if you're interested in the project please join up!