finished Arduinome with walnut enclosure.

  • guess you could call this a home made veneer job.

    cut most of the top and sides with a craft knife..
    just needs some teak oil and I'm done..

    thanks everyone for help and informative build logs :)

  • It is incredible.

  • that's some patient work there! Great job!

  • dang man... crazy wood work! such a clean job...

  • cheers guy's :)

    can't wait to get the finish on this. hopefully tomorrow...

  • damn, where'd you get the veneer from and what template if any did you use?

  • it's just some about 1mm thin walnut glued to some pine rods.

    the brand was 'midwest' I think. found in an art supply shop.
    only walnut I could find in Wellington New Zealand. Wood supply here is crap..

    I didn't use a template. just measured and cut as I went.
    I could probably make a template though. but I found my methods to be not exactly precise . just fixed things as I went...

  • D00d this looks incredible.. thanks! I'm probably going to build the exact same thing except different veneer... I love art supply shops... :-) Did you have to mill the pin or was that straight from an art store as well?

  • it is sparkfun's buttons ?

    well done man. i'm planning on making a 256 this summer, but problably an arduinome one. I'm not sure about the buttons to select, sparkfun's one or 40h's one.

  • sparkfun buttons.

    the pin/ screw.

    drilled a hole through before i put the top layer on. screwed into place with the board underneath and glued it.

    was a little scared about glueing around the silicone buttons but at it turns out any glue that got on them just peeled off.

    i think the glue is pva based wood colored.

  • that is beautiful.