16 pin right angle headers!?

  • I am finally putting my 40h kit together and I soldered, what I thought would have been helpful, the ribbon headers wrong. I would try to re-solder but I trimmed the legs off already.
    My question is? Can you by these, right angle 16 pin headers, at RadioShack or other stores, or do I need to request form you guys, monome.org?

    Kit almost done!! I am using the original logic board too!

    The assembled logic board layout is different. Is led 0,0 still in the same spot? (like the picture here: http://monome.org/40h/kit/assembly)

    When I plugged it all in to test, the pcb board and logic board, a few leds lit up and stayed on. had Monoserial and monome_test running, but not even sure if the logic board is even recognized. If I plug it in with no apps running, a bunch of leds light up. Is this normal?


  • Haha!
    I got EXACTLY the same problem... These 16 pins headers are very common. You'll find them on any website or local store.
    And yes, this is normal, it lights up several leds for about one second when you plug it in.

  • they stayed lite up until I unplugged the logic board. Well, we'll see when I correct the headers, damnit!! Now vacation is over too, and have to work!!! UGH!!!