40h kit/preassembled logic board!

  • I am using the original logic board, the ones sold pre-assembled last year.

    The assembled logic board layout is different. Is led 0,0 still in the same spot? (like the picture here: http://monome.org/40h/kit/assembly)

    When I plugged it all in to test, the pcb board and logic board, a few leds lit up and stayed on. I had Monoserial and monome_test running, but not even sure if the logic board is even recognized. If I plug it in with no apps running, a bunch of leds light up. Is this normal?

    Should Monoserial say anything as far as detecting the logic board.


  • An original 40h-style logic board would have the earlier revision firmware, which keeps the startup pattern turned on until the device receives other LED data.

    It should show up in the drop-down device menu in MonomeSerial.

  • Duh! I didn't load the ftdi virtual com port (vcp) driver!!

  • my mac knows more about my first 40h kit than monomeserial despite rewriting the port #s
    It just can't find it