Idea, augustus loop and monome

  • Hello there,

    Expert sleepers are offering a new version of augustus looper which also supports OSC. I wonder if thereĀ“s a way to nicely interact with live and monome. Would be great to have several instances of looper and beeing able to control them with a monome, maybe a little like mlr.

    Sadly i know s**t bout coding or MAX/MSP myself, so i wonder if anyone is out there which like this idea too.

    if not within live it could be nice to have a maxpatch which utilizes one or more augustus looper and to control them from the monome.

    just some thoughts, maybe one out there wants to pick them up :)

    cheers, hr

  • I've been having the very same thoughts.

  • oh man. i would love to have a monome controlled version of augustus loop.
    if there is a Max wiz out there that would tackle this i would certainly donate to that cause.

  • Someone else may want to pick this up.

    i couldnt say how long this would take me. but i would say it would take more than a couple months.

  • holy crap augustus loop is pretty involved and great.

  • I'll check it out guys. Looks pretty cool!

  • @ dovemouse

    great, please keep us updated :)

  • i would also donate to the cause

  • Sorry guys, completely forgot about this! I'll have a look RIGHT now!
    Riiiight, so the docs aren't very good in terms of osc im thinking it might be easier just to create a midi app for the monome specific to argustus loop..
    What do you guys think? And what parameters would you be looking to control?
    I think it'd be best to have multiple pages with mainly sliders etc with a few buttons for recording loops etc.
    So, let me know what you're after and i can sort it out pretty quick...

  • Any users have any suggestions?
    I think it'd be easier if you guys that already use the plugin tell me how you use it rather than me molding it into my workflow if you see what i mean.
    So yeah, what functions to you use mostly?
    Also are there groups of functions that you like to use at the same time?

  • Anyone? I've got time to kill...

  • Hey there,

    if you go for a max patch, i think it would be dope to have live-input and clock synced start (i miss this on MLR, for example) via rewire.

    i think the "loop" functions should be available thru the monome, as well as the pitch of the loop. If yiou want to incorporate more then one looper it would be nice to have some functions shared, menas that for example pitch is availabe on one page on the monome for all loopers.

    Maybe some sort of "motionsequncer"? On the monome one could sequnce individual time, pitch hwatever settings thru a few bars which would the be played back as recorded.

    some thoughts ... :)