Pattern recorders MlrV , 64fingers

  • so I'm trying to use mlrV and 64fingers at the same time.
    and I've got it working within pages

    but when they are both running the pattern recorders seem to be screwed up and skip forwards and back in little parts (thus making them useless)

    any ideas?

    I've tried using each as a clock source and tried using logic as a clock source...

  • I'll look into it a bit later.
    I thought I'd fixed that problem but I might have missed something? Are you using the newest version?

    Is anyone else having the same issue?

  • Try this.
    It may not work. I've basically made the two timings of 64 fingers and mlr seperate. Before there was some crossover. So i think you will definately have to midi sync them.
    If it doesn't work, let me know but also try the pattern recorders built into pages. Im not sure how they work but check the pages docs. The should work fine.
    Sorry for the incovenience.

  • if you can't work out the pattern recorders in the other applications then give the pages pattern recorders a try. to use them, just hold down the page change button on the page you want to start recording on and push a button in the top row. it should start to flash, and when you release the page change button you will be able to record into the pattern 'overdub' style. the page menu also has some quantization and length parameters to customize the pattern behavior. each page has it's own set of pattern recorders. you will need to run midi clock in to pages to get this to work, and i would recommend syncing everything else off of the same clock signal if possible. let us know if you run into any issues.

  • There you go :) Cheers phortran.

  • @dovemouse pretty sure that worked. only had about 8 seconds to test this morning before work. they were turning smoothly though

    so that's all my problems fixed for now
    accept the monome addiction ...that just got worse :)

    @phortran thanks. I've been meaning to get deeper into pages, just haven't had the time to read the mass volume of literature on it. but this by coincidence solves my controls for mlrV - wont need to assign pattern buttons and can have more group kills and delay controls :)

    thanks again guys.

  • sweet.. i cant wait to try this out..