My Seeed Studio Arduinome Finished & boxed..

  • I finished boxing up my Arduinome in the clear enclosure sold at Seeed Studio wired a Minipov kit I had lying around from adafruit with a modified firmware to blink some LED's to add some spice to the clear enclosure.. also wired in there is a Wiimote 3-Axis Accelerometer module - ADXL330 on a breakout board purchased from Seeed Studio for super cheap. Here's a video running Nerdscroll

  • man, that sure is a slick looking enclosure :D

  • Thank ya... have you added any bling bling to yours?

  • nah, not yet. i have a few projects that keep me busy. And the next version of the box is one of them. making it so you dont need to glue the tray up as well, it will be held by the side pieces. but gotta wait until seeedstudio sells out first before they make the new one.

    i have thought about putting in an xbee or some other wireless module and then adding some lights but its on the project todo list.