monome 40h logic & sparkfun keypads

  • hello, im kinda new to the whole electronics thing and i was wondering if someone could tell me what i need from sparkfun to complete my monome. i just recieved my logic kit. i know how to solder, i know how leds are attached, but making the connection between the parkfun and the logic kit is kind of a mystery. also, do i need buttons to solder on the sparkfun pcb or are they in the button pads?? are the 1N4148 diodes also good for the monome to prevent ghosting? what leds should i buy?


  • Same problem for me...I have a logic board and rubber buttons and pcb coming soon... Now.. Couldn't some more advanced DIYmonome people tell the crowd how to wire those sparkfun buttons to the pic-nome? I would gladly appreciate somebody drawing us some schematic on such wiring... Seb!