who's going to EDC in LA? daedelus and pretty lights on friday

  • wondering if any other LA monomers are going to EDC this weekend. daedelus and pretty lights will be performing on friday.


    i'll be there both days!

  • whuhhh?? daedelus is there? they must've just added him. i probably wont even leave circcuitgrounds on friday. Daedelus, then pretty lights, then sts9! dayum!

    3 live monomers all in a row!

    i also just found out about this festival:


    im definitely going to that one.. Flying lotus, bassnectar, shpongle, and pretty lights! all at yosemite! also alex grey!

    im gonna be poor this year

  • balls. i just got into LA, but i'm leaving for mexico friday morning.

    i'm definitely going to symbiosis.. me and some friends have been talking about that one for a day or two.

  • would also love to make it to electricdaisy, but it's just not in the cards...symbiosis though is another story. what a great lineup.

    I may be seeing some of you guys there...

  • damnit i missed this son of a blueberry

  • oh man... pretty lights was sooo sick! i thought he used molar for live shows, but i think he might've been using dj64. he kept using a stutter effedt that was slightly off beat at times which make me think he was using dj or at least the effects from it.

    unfortunately i missed daedelus cause i was late to the event, but sts9 was pretty good too, although it was a PA set.

    all together an awesome event, and i cant wait for symbiosis!

  • missed them both because i got there late... good god there were a bunch of sloppy people there!

    ended up confined in the safety of the cabana, which, unfortunately, meant i didn't see anything outside the main stage.

  • @minnesota

    almost positive he's not using dj64. I know he uses ableton for his effects and his akai sampler to control them. also think I know which stutter effect you are speaking of though and it's definitely not from dj64.

    Derek must be busy as hell these days or else he could answer this for us...