Seeed Studio Rainbowduino??

  • Has anyone thought about making a Monome or Blipbox
    like device using this nifty thing at at Seeed Studio called the Rainbowduino LED driver platform???
    This thing looks really awesome so I purchased two of them to experiment with.

  • Unfortunately, Rainbowduino can not used for RGB monome making, SeeedStudios tell me abouit it

  • well I was thinking about making some monome like device with it I think this should be possible...?? you can communicate over a hardware Uart and SPI buses by itself maybe it's not possible but using it for what it was made for a LED display driver I think one could pair it up with a multitouch sensor or button grid..?? right...

  • i think that with some firmware modifications, making a blipbox type device wouldnt be outside the realm of possibility. there is already a function in the rainbowduino side of the hardware to enable a specific led, you just need to add that to the client side.
    then you would need an arduino running i2c to send the commands to it. and you would of course need the touch sensor to put on top of it.
    that seems like it could be a fun project to put one of those together. I am going to be getting a second rainbowduino soon, so maybe i can throw something together like that.

  • Doesn't the rainbowduino have an arduino atmega168 onboard?
    So surely you could connect a serial/usb converter up and modify the source code?

  • yeah, it has arduino bootloader

  • it has uart and i2c interfaces. and has the ability to modify source, but the i/o is all taken up or not accessible for extra ports so i think another arduino would be required to to turn it into a reactive monome clone.
    but if you just wanted an output only device, sure it should be capable now with a usb to serial device and some source alterations.