Problems running quandrants w/ mlr and 64step...

  • This is gonna be a bit long...

    So I was playing around with quadrants over the weekend, trying to get mlr on the top half of my 256 and 64step (128 version) on the bottom half. It seems like no matter which version of mlr I tried, there was odd behavior from both patches.

    For example, the leds would track the first two steps of a loop in mlr, but not the rest. And I couldn't turn group 1 off once it started. In 64step, the bar that tracks across the rows would leave random lights on in it's wake. Sometimes I would even get some weird audio glitching that would stop once I closed 64step.

    I also tried running the two patches simultaneously without quadrant, and just switched the prefix manually to change patches. This gave me similar problems to running them in quadrants.

    When I run mlr top half, boiingg bottom half, everything works perfectly. So...

    1. Has anyone gotten mlr and 64step to play nicely together?

    2. Is there some intrinsic reason why those two patches in particular don't jive?


  • there is a number of send and receive objects that are copied in both patches which could cause some of the problems like not turning the right lights on / off. also the timing/metronome sub-patch is largely identical between the two patches and as a result will both send conflicting information to both patches - the timing will not work properly.

    one solution might be to simply remove the time.mxb from either mlr or 64step - it will create an error on load of the patch but after you turn on DAC of the patch WITH time.mxb the other one should start working too. there may still be a problem with the audio mixer bussing but best to give it a shot.

    hope this is a simple fix, but otherwise it will need all the send and receive objects renamed...

  • Hey enjoi,

    Thanks, I'll try this out tonight.

    I'm thinking about getting you think these are modifications/fixes I would be able to do after going through the tutorials?

  • in general i would say yes. the only problem is the send/receive network of mlr in particular is a little difficult to navigate at times, and it's only after staring at both the above patches for countless hours that i came to understand what had been borrowed and what was changed between the two. it's not a complex task in max, and i'm sure you could handle the technical aspect - the hard part is just learning to 'read' the patch, and understand how information is being piped around the patch.

    max skills are useful for working on these type things, but the biggest challenge is generally the logic behind the patches structure. i guess it's both the strength and weakness of a graphical language > easy to understand, but as soon as you do something complicated it takes a good while to wrap your head around the process.

    max is great fun +++

  • hi!

    old thread, but i ran into this same problem with pages instead of quadrants. neither mlr nor mlrv would hang with 64step.

    galapagoose's simple fix above, taking out time.mxb, did not work.

    my solution - chuckstep instead of 64step. worked for me on a mac with serialosc bridge. windows was weird.

    that said, thanks for mlrv, galapagoose!