Making a 256 with four 40h

  • I have a custom 128 made from two 40h kits and I'm about to inherit another custom 128 I made for a friend who doesn't ever use it.

    So can I make a 256? Physically I can't see any issue with mounting 4 kits in a case. Obviously I have 4 USB cables which need power, but worst case if a single hub can't power them al...l I could use 2 hubs I guess.

    But are there any software/driver issues?

  • Ah I think I'm a bit behind the times here! is arduinome the way forward for this? It's been a year or so since I've been on here!

  • You should be able to easily power 4 logic kits off a single hub, so put the hub in the case and you should have 1 usb and 1 power cable.

    I'm pretty sure that offset in monomeserial and you'll have a 256 in no time.

    I think personally I'd keep them as two 128's.

    That way you can change the orientation as and when you want.

    8x16 wide would be cool.

  • yeah that is a very good point JP

  • Hi,

    I think it's possible. You have just to set offsets in MonomeSerial and connect the 4 units on a USB hub with external power cable, because 500mA of 1 port is not ok for 4 Monomes.

    I have only 1 kit and I'm waiting for 3 more. I want to make a Monome 256 in a plexiglas case with 2-axe accelerometer (that I already have) and 14 potentiometers permanently soldered. The hub I have is a 7-port, and the 3 extra ports will be available for USB key or any other peripheral...

  • that!, will be a BEAST!... good luck. should probably mount some wheels on it too..