new app: 64faders --- v1.3

  • so I had an Idea...

    64 midi faders in one application :)

    prefix : /64fade

    bottom row switches between groups of 8 sliders that send midi

    the middle button of each slider gets you back to zero for panning/things that use negative and positive values... pitch shifters etc.. - this doesn't work exactly for everything..

    - speed only changes the midi sliding speed not the lights speed yet.
    - might add some more midi options like channels and other outs.

    enjoy :)

  • oh yeah, it uses the 'monome control objects' by james drake for pretty much everything.... big up's to him for his awesomeness :)

    I've included the ones it uses but you might wanna get the rest...

  • massive update
    forgot a decimal point somewhere.... :)

    First patch, baby steps...

  • thanks man. nice to see some other faders app !


  • Post it to the wiki, with a description and a screen shot of the app, or a demo video. Wiki is very cool for managing versions of uploads.

    I'm going to check this out tonight, I've been looking for a fader patch using the monome controls to use as a starting point for my 128 midi idea.

  • did you use the [monomepage] object?

    any problems?

  • @jimdrake only that i couldn't work out how to get the patches to receive for ages..
    maybe adding the 'scripting name' setting info into the help file could be useful.
    flashes by quite fast in the demo video..

    this patch is pretty handy for ableton. setting up master eq's and fx sends etc. :)

  • will add this to wiki later today hopefully if I get time.

    open to any ideas to improve this patch too....

  • Stevie, I'm working on a version (specifically for me, but I'll share it) for a 128 that has sliders on the right and buttons on the right, and maybe some other custom tweaks - really it's ideally for use with ableton (but being just midi it should work with anything).

    I tried unsucessfull to make the slider pages use a shared patch, so you wouldn't need to have the same chunks of Max objects copied across the page for each slider, basically have 1 slider subpatch that we just passed the variable into. But it failed.

  • yeah I tried that for a while. kept getting extra midi messages when changing between pages.

    though things have changed and i've learned more since then. I'll have a go at it as well.

  • i'm feeling a like dufus but what setting do I select in my midi prefs in live for the channel i'm using? is it just remote on the input?

  • i've been using it with track and remote set on only the input and haven't had any problems. it's by default what i've had already.

  • cool. thanks.

  • so i have it working on its own... but i tried using it in conjunction with live clip chopper and there seems to be some funny business when i use the two. i dont know if wires are being crossed but i cant get any feed back from button presses in 64 faders. one time it happened that i didnt get button feedback in LCC. everything lights appropriately, i just cant do anything!

    ideas? is this an easy port to M4L?

  • i had a lot of trouble getting this going with 2 monomes and molar at first because i never tried with multiple before. i found monoroute works pretty well. how have you been setting things up so far?

  • just via monome serial. can i use a m4l device with a max device on monoroute?

  • not sure but i think as long as it has autoconfig? but molar and 64faders works for me on two monomes through monoroute. are you using more than one monome? if so monomeserial alone wasn't capable for me.

  • yeah - i've been able to run 2 max apps fine thru monomeserial or 2 m4l apps but never tried one and the other. 64 faders is a max app so no autoconfig, but molar dosent either so i dont know... i'll give it a shot!

  • when using monoroute, you dont need to use an autoconfig program. Anything that connects through monomeserial can run through monoroute, you just need to add it as an osc app through the menubar.

  • great app. thanks!
    its quite fun to add it to other patches and use the monome as a midicontroller.

    somehow the first row (most left slider, so cc10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80) of every page loads up all the way. so all leds are lighted up. even when i turn it off and switch pages back and forth.

    this isnt normal is it?

  • hmm thats strange. don't know why it'd be doing that.


    just uploaded a new version, slide speed works better now. controls the slide of midi and of the leds.

    no more having to hold the buttons down...

  • This works great for me, better and smoother than previous versions. Thanks!

  • well, i allso have the first pad go off at random moments in other apps, so there must be something weird or with my hardware or will have to do a new mk-set or something. its probably not the app.
    will check out the new one! resolving the hold to change the fader is great. thanks!

  • cool will check this out soon!

  • updates are coming.

    this will be the swiss army knife of fader apps

  • awesome! i love this app i can never get enough faders. i posted a fader randomizer i made in puredata several days ago, is there any chance some sort of autonomous faders will be implemented in this? thank you

  • Just curious, should I be able to get sounds with this just on the basic AU DLS SYNTH 1 setting? I am getting all the faders to light properly, just no sound.

  • you won't get any sound without sending midi note messages..

    this app sends midi cc (control change) messages. suitable for controlling effects parameters, panning and volume etc.

  • EDIT:
    never mind. stevieraysean's explanation was better than mine.

  • @stevieraysean are these updates anything to with this thread:

    If so, I'm getting a little bit excited.

  • @stevie.
    Sorry if I caused any trouble updating your app to serialosc and updating the wiki. I just wanted to help migrate something and happened to know yours was fairly easy because I had looked at the guts before. I didn't change the logic of your app at all, but if you need clarification hit me up.

  • this things gonna need a new name...

    64faders/448buttons/16channels/assignablemin&max&cc+decay+finespeed/slidespeed/savable/insanity sound catchy?

    coming soon...

  • 64insanity for short? ;)

  • 64insanity: i like it ;]

  • @stevieraysean
    You sir are a legend!

  • this is kick ass!

    when can we expect a download?

  • probably roll it out this weekend after i've given it a good trashing.

    seems to be pretty solid though, just need to check that all the midi messages are what they say they are..

  • Hi all,

    firstly @stevieraysean, the update sounds cool can't wait to see what you've done.

    Second, I have been working on my own slider app that allow the use to 'move' slider on multiple 'pages' at once, so if you want to turn up the first slider on 'pages' 1, 2 and 3 at the same time (which would be cc1, cc16 and cc31) you can select multi mode and edit away.

    Oh it is also for a 128. There are still a few bugs to iron out and my max coding is pretty amature, so rewrites are in order.

    Sorry to jack your thread stevie, but if you want to steal the idea go ahead as you will probably do it better than me.

    once again can't wait to see what you've done, hopfully I can learn a thing or 2.


  • bump: any progress on '64insanity'? :-)

  • yep, some extensive testing today. squashed a few bugs. one more thing is annoying me that i wanna get right.

    i know i keep saying it's not far of but.....

    it's not far off :)

  • sweet - no pressure - love ya work bro :-)

  • @stevie.
    Are you adding serialosc to this? If not, do you mind if I update this version as well? I use this app for so many things the monomeserial bridge just doesn't make sense.

  • yep i'll add serialosc in. i've got no way of testing that so i'll just be copying out one you did. probably be a secondary file like: 64faders.maxpat and 64fadersserialosc.maxpat or something..

  • Oke doek. I'll check it make sure to check it out once it's released.

  • 64insanity is on the docs page.

  • YESSSS! thanks stevie!