Dubstep/Hip-Hop/Jungle/Breakcore DJ Mix and my first track made using monome pages, mlr and ableton.

  • My latest DJ mix from the last Evolve club night at Brunel Uni, in London.

    Dubstep to Breakcore with one of my tracks, my first made using the monome, sneakily stuck on the end.


    Used the monome pages clip launcher to trigger and stop clips, the midi keyboard page to trigger vocal samples/lead sounds and mlr for mashing up amen breaks and some lead sounds.
    I also use a Korg Nanokontrol with a python script for the mixing and a ps3 controller, using the joysticks for some filters and effects in ableton.

    Let me know what you think.


  • checking out the mix sounding nice and heavy...

    i also use the nanoKontrol and curious what python script u use with it? have seen this but it's still pc only i believe http://bit.ly/UfGnU