help me, mlrv won´t save recorded audio to disc.

  • Hello,

    i´m having some troubles recording the live input i´ve recorded into mlrv.

    So far i do the following, i recorded 8 steps of audoi into mlrv and then click on "save to disk" in the recorder box. after choosing a location for the file i get only saved a file of 4kb in size. sometimes tough it writes the file as expected.

    aside this problem, is there something like "save all", means it writes my entire recordings into a given folder?

    it´s a bummer, i came up with some nice stuff but lost it becasue of this.

    some help would be greatly apprechiated.



  • hello ! got the exact same problem here, any solution ?

  • what systems are you running ? mac or pc ? os ?

  • Mac OSX 10.6.1, but got the same problem under 10.5.8, and Max demo 5.0.7

  • can anyone message who has this working and os and max version ?

  • Are you trying to record you mlr output? I've been trying to do this by routing it to Logic Pro using Soundflower but haven't got it working, I really want to be using the mlr as a compositional toll and then rearrange the parts later in a sequencer.

  • I think it works the opposite way you would expect....It also drove me crazy !
    first you save the file and browse it, then you "start" the recording and it will record your audio on that very file you saved earlier.
    it should work...

  • this is a known bug.
    i will try and get around to fixing it soon as it is incredibly simple + just needs to have a few patch cables drawn in.
    sorry for the lack so far.