About diode

  • Someone can tell me the caracteristics of the diodes? Because I lost one of mine on my kit :(((((((( ang I want to repair/

    Thanks a lot

  • there should be extras.

    specs here: http://monome.org/40h/kit towards the bottom, there's a parts list.

  • oh yay they're directional.

  • Poor me, I cannot find the diodes left. I have to return all tha appartement lol
    I live in France and this diode reference are unknow here and I dont want to pay 70 euros for shipping, only for several diodes.

    Can you give me more caracteristic about these diodes?
    Is this refernce is a standart one, I mean in all the world, a real standard?

    I hope to find the extras diodes soon, but where are they? lol
    I need organisation, it is my first real electronic project ;)
    Thank you for all.

  • digikey.com


    will give you the full spec sheet.

    e-mail me with your address and i'll put some in an envelope for you (it'll take a week to get there, though.)

  • Thank you VERY VERY much.
    I was desperrate and you gave me hope :)