Midibox + Monome

  • I'm interested in integrating a MIDIbox64E into the same case as my Monome 128 (two 40h kits).

    The Monome is the extent of my experience with building electronics from a kit.. so I'm interested in any advice/tips from people with experience in both kits.

  • What exactly do you want to do with the Midibox64e module? You can't connect it to the keypads and leds if you also have it connected to the monome logic board. You can use the keypads, but than you won't have monome functionality, but just regular midi I/O with very fancy buttons ;-)

    The Midibox64e can connect up to 64 buttons by using 2 x DIN module (Digital In) and for the leds underneath the buttons to work you also need to add 2 DOUT boards.

    If you want to use 128 buttons/lights you'll have to use the MIDIO128 module. I haven't worked with the Midibox platform (yet?) but it seems it also requires you to do some programming/flashing of the PIC chip: http://www.ucapps.de/mios_bootstrap_newbies.html

  • Hi, just to be clear... I'm not intending any connection between the MIDIbox64E and monome within the enclosure. Simply to have them housed together and both be in control of a MaxMSP patch.

    I was wondering if anyone had bought any of the kits and what the level of expertise is like compared to the monome kits.

    You can buy PIC chips already flashed from various sources it seems.

  • How are you planning to interface the midibox module? Buttons, Pots, Encoders?

  • bare minimum will be a row of 16 encoders with led rings above the top row of the monome.
    I'd like to avoid much extra programming work if poss, although I'm interested in getting into that.

  • you might also consider the doepfer products, he's got one with 16 analog pots, one with 16 encoders, and a new 64 pot board with usb (that might be nice, as you'll need a hub for the 2 40h kits). pre-made pcbs, ready to connect pots to.

    analoghaven.com stocks all of them in the states.

    good luck!

  • I made some stuff with the doepfer modules. I think it pretty easy to do simple midi stuff.
    but the les rings shouldn't be easy... Why don't hack a BCR 2000?

  • @ phi, thanks.. will definitely check it out.

    @chapelier fou - I have a BCR 2000 in pieces in front of me!


    I want the knobs properly lined up in a single row of 16 directly lined up with the monome top row.. the midibox kit can fit this form factor including LED rings.. the BCR 2000 would be a lot of work to desolder and re-seat.. and I would have to do a 'zig zag' pattern to fit them in a row of 16....

    and I reckon I may just end up with a broken BCR 2000 :)

    Will check out the doepfer modules next!

  • good luck with your BCR!
    As I told you, handling the leds with doepfer modules should be hard, or impossible I guess.
    As far as I know, the only interesting for the leds would be the MTC 64, but it can only create 64 0-5V contacts.

  • oh the BCR is fine, just put it back together... I meant I would probably destroy it if I tried to hack it :)

    The doepfer stuff looks cool... but I really want the led's so midibox is the only solution.

  • The guts of that BCR look interesting, I also have one of those over here. I always thought the leds came all the way through the top cover, but it seems Behringer used some interesting tricks, probably to prevent light leakage between the leds.

    A couple of similar ideas:
    http://www.rdlnet.com/product.php?page=8 (complete module, price unknown)

    15 step encoder with 31 red leds, nice but 18 euro is expensive:

  • Damn those 18 euro ones are nice, I'm glad they're too big for what I want :)

  • those last ones look like the rotary encoders on my Nord Stage. Those things are so nice I want a strip of 8 of them to go along with a 40h kit. but not at that price.

  • yeah I was thinking they looked pretty similar to my G2 :)

  • Actually... no they are different to the Clavia ones, which have a flat base and half the amount of LEDs...


  • DOPE! so those cool ALPS encoders are just that, encoders not pots? So since I have an older logic board with 4 analogue inputs, I can NOT use this type of knob? Nice find!


  • Good to know. The Clavia knobs are some of my favorites, probably right after the huge knobs on the MS-20's high/low pass filters.

  • MEOFF: I'm not exactly sure about the old logic board.. But the the logic boards from the kits allow connecting 2 encoders. But then you wouldn't have the led ring working, it needs seperate logic to control those leds.