Adding new apps to the Wiki

  • can someone give me a quick run through on how to do this. ...

    I've made an account already.. just don't wanna do anything stupid

  • Start with

    Copy and paste the content into a new page.

    You create a new page by typing something like…

    Into the browser and then hitting the edit/author link.

    It's worth keeping one of the other app that you like the wiki entry for open as a cross reference.

    Add as much info as possible.

  • Once you've created the page, it's time to link it.

    Go to…

    and click the edit link to the left of which ever section it seems to match best, I have no idea how the apps are currently listed, personally I'd add the app to the bottom of the list.

    If you really think your app is awesome and rock socks go to…

    click edit this page, and add your app to the featured app list. Don't be offended if someone disagrees and removes it. Although that's very unlikely.

    Not that I have any authority (ahhh the wonder of wiki's) but I keep meaning to go in and reshuffling everything and making the categories separate pages etc and changing the front page a little. And even adding all this info there so it's a little more clearer.

    Hope that helps :D

  • finally got around to adding something :)

    thanks heaps, was really helpful..

  • @JP any wiki love would be more than appreciated. i'm hoping to integrate the logins between forum and wiki to encourage more action there.

  • Yeah, can't believe all those bold statements above were made in June… whatever happened to the summer? I'll try and find some time to work out some additional structure.

  • off topic but how does this sound as a wiki expansion?

  • Add it !

  • that'd be great.

  • cool. i'll see what i can come up with but i may need some help if i get stuck (JP!).
    i'll start a new thread when there's something worthwhile to show.

    well that wasn't so hard.

    tehn, i used you as an example (hope that's okay).