[OT] software synths

  • What is your favourite go-to software synth?

  • Abletons Operator, followed by Massive from NI.

    I've yet to find anything that comes near to either of these.

  • massive is one of my favs right now. all NI stuff is good though.

    padawan from tweakbench is nice too, although simple. i've pulled a lot of great sounds out of this:


  • FAW Circle - floats my boat a lot of the time. Really easy to use and it got me back into the swing of things after a dry patch.
    Absynth is nice but a bit much sometimes.
    I like these threads, always nice to discover something new.

  • Fxpansion SynthPack has been my go-to for years now... and finally about to be commercially available ..!

    Devine-Machine Krishna is a personal fav. as I designed the prototype.

    throw in Korg Legacy Analog collection + NI Reaktor, and thats about all I use.

  • circle of course!!! love how it has OSC!!!

  • Albino and VOPM are two personal favourites.

  • i'm stuck with Logic express. But I love ES1 and ES2. I actually really like the virtual ensemble synth, some really shimmery pwm pads are possible.

  • +1 for massive and sylenth1 also the free route anything by tal

  • +1 operator. it's easy to understand, doesn't use too much CPU (as massive does) and can generate surprising sounds. but i can't make it wub like massive does! Does anyone know how to make Operator generate Wub wub wubs?

  • automat is a nice little synth.

  • yeah automat rules :)

    I like fm8 too....

  • @tehn -- thanks for the heads-up w/regards to automat. Downloaded. Love the random feature for starting up new patches! I've been having lots of fun. Peace

  • completely forgot about automat! thank you. can't wait to get back into to tomorrow :D oh and brian, 256. the most beautiful beast i have seen.

  • hope it serves well. thanks for the kind words.

  • Daaaaaaaamn, automat is only for mac. Has anyone tried Atlantis?

  • Atlantis is pretty cool, I use the FX ('filter') a fair bit. The randomize options make it great.

    In terms of free VSTi for PC there are tons.. in addition to Atlantis, check out:

    Oatmeal VSTi
    Nitrox VSTi
    Synth1 VSTi
    polyiblit VSTi
    Xhip VSTi

  • I'm a big fan of M-Tron, the mellotron synth. Rather limited I suppose in the scope of soft synths but the sounds are amazing.

    My all time favorite though is Arturia's 2600v plug-in. An emulator of one of the best synths ever made.

    Yes I'm a fan of old hardware and wish I had a million bucks so I could fill my house with a bunch of old relics.

  • I almost had a break down last night about using software synths, was going to put every piece of software I've brought on ebay so I could go 99% hardware (except of course for the Monome since I'd need a bunch of max patches to run all the hard synths, sequencers and drum machines.

  • I really miss oatmeal it has an awesome randomiser, wish i could get it for mac :(

    I just shelled out for Komplete while it was cheap. I already liked reaktor, but im currently liking absynth and massive as well. Looking at digging properly into reaktor at some point.

    As mentioned above the tal plugins rock too

    Greenoak crystal is pretty nice too!

  • @steve

    I love the randomize in Atlantis as well. It's great that you can limit randomize to specific parts of the synth. Great for inspiration.

  • @jp: i know what you mean. if i had the budget, i'd be deep into modular.

  • hi everybody. i am happy to see that automat is still being used. would be great to see (hear) some of your work.


    stiwi (creator of automat)

  • +1 on circle synth. and looking to get into NI stuff. but right now experimenting with synplant, cool little plant synth "based on genetics". sonic charge makes it, if you wanna check it out.

  • yes genko, synplant is nice.
    My favorite for the last two years is the Zebra2, simply because of the sound. Its neither digital nor analog, it has its own character and that is what I love about plugin-synths: Not to be an imitation of something old, being a character of its own.

  • +1 for Zebra2 and Circle and Massive

  • +1 for Albino, but I'm mostly a Reason guy.

  • Automat is my synth of choice. Props to Stiwi

  • OK. Im sold on automat as well.

  • barely use softsynths anymore, but when i did fineline was my all-time favorite free one. unfortunately, it's a pluggo and i'm not sure how well you can get it working, now that cycling74's pluggo support is dead (jerks). hopefully the maker will turn it into a max-for-live plug someday...?

  • just downloaded fineline. thanks for the share.
    its working so far in ableton live 8 so...

  • native instruments ABSYNTH 5

  • I'm looking for good synths where your presets can be triggered remotely... Like absynth where program changes can recall presets saved in a list.

    I wish they all did this really. Changing through sets of sounds with the monome is great, separates sound design and compsing for me... anyone know of others to look into beyond absynth?


  • Minimonsta!

  • Oh hell yes! thanks man.

  • circle is good, the names of the presets are ridiculous but you can kinda get the idea of where their coming from,
    rarely use presets but i flick through them for a giggle. i really like it although im not the biggest synth head.

  • weighing back in... getting back into using soft synths a bit lately. gotta say that TAL's bassline is pretty damn sweet. doesn't sound exactly like an sh101, but it's pretty close. and free! also great is arturia's 2600v. having a/b'ed it against my 2600, it's not exact on all patches but on some it's quite close; and it's far more flexible.

  • My current favorites are these free VST softsynths with interfaces and sound inspired by the Yamaha CS-5, Octave Kitten, Rowland SH-2 and EDP Gnat.


    I also love these classic freebies - MiniMogueVA and Arppe2600va


    Windoze only.