Using 2 liveOSC applications

  • has anyone had two liveOSC apps going at the same time?

    perhaps using two different remote scripts in live?

    i've tried copying the one from pages and changing ports and some of the code to 'liveosc2'.

    don't think I've done anything good cos live just dies when I try to run it. even without the original goin..

    basically i've finished a max patch that uses the liveosc callback and I would like to use it with Pages...

    any help would be greatly appreciated ... :)

  • sure, make a copy of the folder in MIDI Remote Scripts

    make sure you have different ips/ports for both

  • so what did you change in the scripts?

    just the ports in

  • no, not in

    in, find this:
    self.oscServer = RemixNet.OSCServer etcetcetc

    and change it for your setup.. format is:
    self.oscServer = RemixNet.OSCServer('dest_ip', dest_port, None, listen_port)

  • so I've changed it to

    self.oscServer = RemixNet.OSCServer('', 9011, None, 9010)

    should that IP work?

    still can't get it to work....

    anything else need changing /care to upload your second liveosc folder by chance so I can have a look...

    thanks for your help so far... :)

  • i'm thinking that it's gotta stay localhost right?

    still trying here :)

  • try
    self.oscServer = RemixNet.OSCServer(localhost, 9011, None, 9010)


    self.oscServer = RemixNet.OSCServer(localhost, 9021, None, 9020)

    and then create "udpreceive 9011" and "udpreceive 9021" objects in Max... connect a print object to each udpreceive, you can test it out like that

    the second liveosc folder is identical to the first, except for the the send and receive ports

  • this just isn't working for me.

    I'm editing them in a txt editor, would that be a problem ?
    can't think so.

    do the localhost words need to be 'localhost'?

  • got it.

    just needed a kick.

    watchout for mlrV4live in the next few days :)

    there will be a thank you to you in it...

  • cool! look forward to it :-)

  • I should point out that anyone trying to do this you need to change the ports in both files.

    leaving one the default port seems to act screwy..

    and that the word None needs a capital N

    and i'm pretty sure localhost needs to be 'localhost'

    MLRV4LIVE is now COMPLETE and only HOURS away from RELEASE.

    (prolly when i get home from work)