*Released* mlrV4live 1.71 (mlrV 27.11.9) live 8.1 update

  • ******please see later posts for newer versions******

    if you find any bugs or are having trouble please post with:

    *operating system
    *ableton live version
    *max/msp version
    *monome (size)
    *which edit mode your using


    Here it is!!

    Video: (kinda old now)

    control buttons have been changed...

    mlrV4live features include:

    *collects the playing clips from the tracks in ableton live and adds them to mlrV.

    * the bottom 2 rows have been taken out to add editing for each track and 1 clip import button and one track set button.

    *editing for each track includes:
    - forward/reverse
    - pitch up/down
    - toggle between the 4 loop modes in mlrV
    - switch for sample mode

    *sample modes are two and folders are set on the GUI
    - one folder for pre recorded samples
    - one for samples recorded on the go in live, resampling etc...

    I've spent quite a bit of time on this and a final 5 min test before bed last night saw everything working.(was really hard to go to bed..)

    I use this patch along with pages and requires you to have two LiveOSC midi remote scripts running simultaneously..this will make for lost of mlr action and little need for touching the computer.

    mainly made it for 40h/64 monomes but the bigger one should work but your extra tracks will work as normal mlrV tracks and the gui will be a bit screwed.

    versions for 64 and 256 will eventually be combined when I work out how

    ---*** INSTRUCTIONS ***---

    i'd suggest previous MLR & mlrV experience and some PAGES and a lil liveOSC knowledge too...

    mlr ports 8080 8000 /mlr

    the liveOSC and liveOSC2 folders go inside ableton live just like they do for pages....

    I suggest overriding the original pages one or editing the ports to 9010 9011 as i've done with this one
    - when it uses the default one they seem to screw each other up...

    this patch uses 9020 9021...

    run live
    start mlrv4live

    select the type of monome...
    turn on dac.....

    begin mlv for live by setting the folders for your samples and the project/samples/recorded folder of your ableton session..

    all of mlrVfor live is like normal accept the bottom two rows

    the very bottom row acts as follows

    64 - buttons 1-5 select the track to edit, button 6 is for refreshing the tracks from ableton after they've been loaded. button 7 loads all the current tracks in ableton 1-5 then assigns them to the right track in mlr.

    so the first thing you need to do is scroll through your tracks on the monome and decide whether or not they are pre recorded samples or samples to be recorded. do this by pressingn the button for the track (ie 1st button bottom row is 1 second button is 2..... up to 5 for 64 or 13 for 256)- the first button inn the row above is the folder selector. light on for ableton recorded samples, light off for the other sample folder.

    this sets up the inital folder path and when you play or record a file in Live it add the file name making the path complete and you can then press the load button...

    so load live, then mlr, then select folders, then assign the tracks to a folder, then start going in ableton play / record clips, then go to mlr, then press the load (button 7) it'll flash untill its done, then ......

    once you start a track in mlr it will mute that track in ableton...

    the buttons in the 2nd bottom row work as follows
    1- folder selector
    2- forward/reverse (on and flashing)
    3- octave down
    4- octave up
    5-8 the playback modes in mlV

    bottom row

    1-5 select track for editing
    6 - refresh samples from ableton (if already added to mlr through a load)
    7 - load
    8 - just another light one that turns off when loading

    256 is same setup procedure

    buttons as follow:
    second bottom row is the same (buttons 9-16 do nothing yet)

    bottom row:
    1-13 select track for editing
    14 - refresh samples from ableton (if already added to mlr through a load)
    15 - load
    16 - just another light one that turns off when loading

    after writing this i now have 256 envy to tha max.... :\

    anyway id like to thank eveyone who had anything to do with mlr or mlrv or monome control objects or live api or live osc or pages !!!

    I'm running outa breath...

    I had the flu.... did lotsa maxing the last few days





    ******please see later posts for newer versions******

  • Can't wait to see that and to make it work on my 256 ! ;)

    Does it act like a controler software for Ableton or do you still need to load audio files / loops in mlrV ?

    Is switching to another scene in Ableton like switching presets in mlrV4live ? It would be a perfect way to finally have a kind of "preset sequencer" for mlr (I've already suggested something to that purpose years ago on the old forum : http://forum.monome.org/topic/523#3210 )

    I'm really excited about this app !

  • it basically stores the clip info of each track and adds all the files to mlrv with the press of a button and when its done loading them it assigns them to the right track in mlrV

    switching scenes in live will send mlrv4live the new track info and then it waits waits for the command button to load them..

    there is also a kind of track refresh button the changes the tracks without loading them (if they are already loaded).

    I can expand it to the 256 pretty quickly tonight if you like....

    it's gonna have to be separate max file and there will be 8 buttons spare for more editing features....

    could use them for assigning the group of each track? would be kinda cool up to 6 groups...

    there would be 13 tracks in total.

    2 buttons left.....

  • this. sounds. amazing.

    can't wait

  • Wow. This sound awesome.

  • here ya go :)

    look up the top..

  • Yummy. I'll check it out when I get home.

  • hey stevieraysean,
    that really sounds grrrrrrreat. i try to give this one a test the next few days on my 256 together with using pages.

    this app seems like to be one step further towards an MLR implemented in (Max4)Live completely.

  • @shufflebug : yeah i only tested the 256 using offsets but it seemed to be all there. unless i put a wrong letter somewhere

    tried to make it as seemless as possible.

    I had it running with autoloaders for a while but they started being a pain so i put the load button in which i think works better than heaps of multiples of each file getting loaded.. though the more I work on this patch the better it's getting :)

    can't wait for max for live..

    hope people don't mind less mlr tracks.
    i thought if your just running loops then you can leave them going in live.. and chop up the rest with mlr..

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  • any chance to make it work with Live 7 ? I saw the Live OSC folder in the archive and I know pages got problem to work with LiveOSC under Live7.

  • This app sounds amazing, revolutionary even but seeing as I dont use pages for my setup I am lost at trying to figure out how to set up liveosc. I am using windows vista and ableton 8, and every time i open liveosc i get a runtime error. I had given up on pages but this app is way too appealing to not get setup so if you could either post a step by step or point me to a discussion of how to get this going it would be much appreciated.

  • Wow, souds awesome! is there any chance to use it without running pages?

  • Does this work with midi tracks in live? How does that work, I didn't know midi tracks had an audio file that could be copied into MLR? Sounds intriguing.

  • i assume it can´t work with midifiles. i´m sure you have to bounce these files to audio first.

  • well

    forgot to add the ports before 7070/7000/mlr

    maybe not midi files but in ableton you can send the audio of your midi track to a audio track. just can't edit it later it guess...

    I could see this liveosc stuff is gonna make it hard.

    try these liveosc files for windows live 7
    - they're from pages, 2 copys, ports changed to 9011/9010(pages) 9021/9020(mlrv4live)

    they go in C:\Program Files\Ableton\Live 7.0.14\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts

    choose them in live as control devices...

    not sure about the runtime error. I'm gonna have a go at running this on a windows system in about 7 hours...

    I'll be in and out to help the next few hours...

    also I'll make a setup / demo video to guide.

    for now I'm off to work

    has anyone got it going? just curious....

  • you can use it without pages. it's got the same setup procedure.
    you still need to use the liveosc2 folder in ableton as control..

    and you'll probably want something for a clip laucher like an apc40 or something..

  • heres the thread in which i learned to use 2 liveosc programs at once


    basically if you wanna download the latest liveOSC make a duplicate and change the ports yourself it may work better. and there will probably be newer versions of liveOSC more often than I update this patch

    though I'v just thought of an update for the file system so you don't have to go and reset every folder for each track in mlrv at the start

  • cool stuff here stevieraysean, i'm still at work and can't really test yet but i will when i get a chance to.

    an idea i had is if we allow an array of 'send' ports to be specified in LiveOSC, then only one instance would be necessary, it would just echo those messages out to every port in the array. only one listen port should be required for any number of apps to send messages to it. if i get some time i'll see about adding this.

  • yeah that'd be awesome

    especially since this app only uses like 2 callbacks

    i feel like its a waste of space having two folders of liveosc and all these extra wasted messages..

  • Yeah i tried to use the new liveosc folder but its still instantly giving me a runtime error as soon as i select liveosc as a control surface. I will just hold out until some other more experienced users get this up and running before i try again.

  • smithjp, i've heard of issues using the LiveOSC scripts on live version 8.0.5b5, try an earlier version of Live 8 if you have it installed. 8.0.4 should work fine.

  • anyone using this yet?

    still curious...

    will make a demo/hype/instucto video to show off the powers this weekend.. :)

  • a video of set-up and use would be helpful.
    i got nowhere when i tried it out.
    looks good though.

  • ok, i just tried it out. i came to the following point where you say

    "so the first thing you need to do is scroll through your tracks on the monome and decide whether or not they are pre recorded samples or samples to be recorded. do this by pressingn the button for the track (ie 1st button bottom row is 1 second button is 2..... up to 5 for 64 or 13 for 256)- the first button inn the row above is the folder selector. light on for ableton recorded samples, light off for the other sample folder."

    i think i don't understand for one the concept of editing tracks and for another the concept of loading tracks from ableton.
    what do you mean with "scroll through your tracks on the monome..." ?
    scrolling by pressing a button ?? or scrolling not on the monome device itself but in mlrv4live's ui ?

    what i did:
    - copied the 2 new folders LiveOSC and LiveOSC2 into c:\Program Files\Ableton\Live 8.0.4\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts\
    - started live
    - set the LiveOSC and LiveOSC2 as control surface
    - started pages (and noticed the clip launcher page doesn't work anymore. no clip lights. no blinking, nothing but on lit up button. i think it's overdub)
    - added an external application page with appropriate settings (7070/7000 /mlr)
    - started mlrv4life
    - set it to 256
    - set audio to ad_rewire
    - (under the tab midi/osc) set clocksource to rewire and midi sync in to ReWire 1
    - set both folders (red an yellow buttons. btw: would be cool to see the current path there)
    - saved the configuration
    - hit the start button in live
    - hit the dac button in mlrv4life -> upper right button on the 256 started blinking
    - noticed the clock doesn't get updated at all (midi sync via rewire problem ?)
    - mlrv4live seems to work. at least when i press the 1st button of the 2nd row the light starts moving and the 1st group button lights up.
    - played some clips in live
    - pressed button 15 (on the 256) and it started blinking for about 2 or 3 seconds then went off again.

    after that i don't know what to do. when holding edit button of track 1 while pressing folder mode button nothing happens. no button light responses for current toggle state.

    i also assume that the LiveOSC communication works because when i press 1st button in 2nd row then live mutes that channel .. although nothing else can be heared. but that's clear because in mlrv4live the tracks are still empty. oh, in additon in the live tracks routing i set 'audio from' to max (1/2, 3/4 .. and so on ...)

    like i mentioned i don't think i understand the concept of the 2 folders.
    mlrv4live in general i understand it in the following way:
    - it loads up each clip in scene 1 (or the currently focused scene ??) for the first 13 (on a 256, right?) tracks .. only if clips exist in the slots i guess.
    - after that the samples can be chopped up by mlr.

    i think it's a problem with accessing the audio files belonging to the clips. how do you do this anyway? do you always generate new audio files for mlrv4live derived from Live's (parts of) audio files the clips are based on ?

    at least it seems this way when i check the logs:

    monomeslider: monomeslider: No such object
    monomeslider: monomeslider: No such objectmatrixcontrol: matrixcontrol: No such object
    sprintf: can't convert int to type of argument 3
    if: doesn't understand "Still"
    sprintf: can't convert symbol to type of argument 3
    if: doesn't understand "Lead"
    sprintf: can't convert symbol to type of argument 3
    if: doesn't understand "Get"
    if: doesn't understand "FT.com"
    if: doesn't understand "Info"

    these are parts of clip names like 'Lead In 1'. seems to have problems with spaces in names!?

    sfinfo~: can't find file C:/Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/Ableton/MyLiveSets/House/_Sets/Test mlrv4life Project/Samples/Recorded/0001 Get.aif

    ok, now trying with renamed clips .....

    when triggering clips it says:
    if: doesn't understand "clipname"

    and when i press the load button:
    sfinfo~: can't find file foldername0001 You're.aif
    sfinfo~: can't find file C:/Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/Ableton/MyLiveSets/House/_Sets/Test mlrv4life Project/Samples/Recorded/0001 Get.aif

    don't know any further. now off for today .....

    ah, and here's my config:
    Thinkpad SL500, RME Fireface 400, 64/128/256, WinXP SP3 (almost all latest updates), Max Runtime 5.0.7, sun java RE 6u14, monome serial, pages 0.1.36, Live 8.0.4

    p.s. mapmap, you said it the short way ;-) i can't wait for the video as well .. or a more detailed documentation of the concepts.

  • okay sorry, by "scroll through the tracks" mean

    on the bottom row press the button for the track you want.
    1-13 (256 or 1-5 (64) is a big slider that changes the row above page to edit that line...(set folder, forward/rev, pitch down, up, etc)

    then press the first button on the second bottom row. it's a toggle for setting the folderpath to load the file from.. light on = files recorded in ableton (these appear in the /projectname/samples/recorded folder and start with "0001 1-audio.aiff"

    this has to be done even if your using the folder it loads with because of message ordering.... (i've since fixed this)

    so first button second bottom row, press once to change to the yellow sample folder. or twice to set the red (ableton) folder.....(ie change then change back)

    this all has to be done after the sample folders have been set...

    once the folders are set up on each track
    when you trigger a cell in live it grabs(adds) that cells audio file from the right
    directory and loads it in mlrV

    then launch the track in mlrV and it's mute the corresponding track in ableton

    sorry about the lack of info I've been real busy..

    just kinda wanted to get it out there, but didn't realise the amount of work that goes into the documenting etc....

    still at work. will get video done tonight hopefully..

    probably a newer version too.
    i'll ad the filepath to the gui too.


  • i don't get it yet.
    i posted you my errors, they still occur. nothing happens when holding track edit button plus pressing folder mode button.

    best would be a little example. let's say i just want to load one clip .. the uppermost clip in Live's track1.

    - the clip's wave file it's based on is somewhere on D:\...
    - the existing sample folder is on C:\audio\samples (or does it need to be exactly where the above mentioned wave file resides ??)
    - the recorded samples folder is on C:/Documents and Settings/username/My Documents/Ableton/MyLiveSets/House/_Sets/Test mlrv4life Project/Samples/Recorded/

    i press the load button .. i get errors. what a pitty. can't wait for the video or a more proper docu :)

    edit: ah, and i have wav files, not aif files. in the log messages it seems it's trying to access aif files !?

  • oh yeah.

    It's .aif only at this point.... I'm adding a menu item to switch to .wav also..

  • this sounds ace!!!! can't wait to try!

  • ok. looking forward to the next version and some vid/doc :-)

  • thanks Shufflebug

    I really appreciate your testing/highlighting/reminding me what I need to fix to make this universally usable :)

    shouldn't be to far away.

    should really call it beta 0.6 or something .. :)

  • heres the latest version. should be a little easier to use

    added .WAV support..

    encoding a quick video right now so should be up soon :)

  • and heres the video...


    should be watchable in half an hour, hopefully...

    will do a more concise one with pages setup too when i've had more practice with the screen casting software.

    hope this gets most of you up and running..

  • that's cool. Working quite fine on my 256 with Max 5.0.7 and Live 8 (demo ; /).

    Strangely, i can only load one track into mlrv, and not the other i recorded (3). In the sample folder of the ableton project, some loops are not visible in AIF, just one, who is correctly load into mlrv.

    Do you know how to force live to create aif for each track, cause i think the problem comes from here.



  • so, after doing some improvements and retry some things, i got this :

    Ableton Project Folder : Samples\Recorded :

    0001 2-Audio.aif
    0001 3-Audio.aif
    0001 4-Audio.aif

    + the asf files for each aid file.

    In mlrV4live, when i push the load button, only the 0001 2-Audio.aif file is loaded, but not the others, and i don't understand why. any idea ?

  • live preferences / record warp lauch / file type right at the top

    you got the right folder assigned to each row using the monome?

  • Should i assign a folder for each row ? Cause i just assign a folder (Samples\Recorded) for the whole rows without hitting the purple 13 buttons in the max patch.

    After several try, just the second channel in Ableton Live is assigned to the second row in mlr4live.

    edit: just one button is lighting in the bottom row, the rightet one. Other buttons doesn't respond at all.

    edit 2 : just tried with a 40h. Same problem. Rows correctly mute the channel in Ableton Live, but can't load aif files into mlrV.

  • okay

    turns out I forgot to put one of the monomecontrol objects properly, doh!

    here we go :)


  • that's reactive ! Give I try now !

  • yeah, It's sunday night and I'm clinging on to the weekend...

    thanks for the bug reporting, that was confusing the hell outa me...

    hopefully should be right now....

  • same problem, again. Bottoms rows button are not responding or lighting, exepting the 3 on bottom left.

    And I can't load files anymore in mlrV.
    It would be cool to see other people try that and see if it works for them.

  • maybe you need to put the yellow monome control objects into the max5/patches/extras folder.

    thats where I put them originally before using them..

    not entirely sure how i'm supposed to include them..

  • works like a champ with the previous version you posted. I noticed it only works if there are five tracks of audio within ableton.

    Great work! Makes a lot of fun and the workflow is awesome.

    cheers, hr

    edit: seems like onyl the transfer works, xan´t use the reverse function for example. I didn´t get the entire concept of the lower row so maybe some mistake on my side... however, the basic functions like transfering and playing and pattern recorders do work. couldn´t get 1.2 to work though

  • cheers

    think i left something else out. didn't realize that the monomepage object has the matrixcontrol patch in it too...

    this might work better...

    if it's only working with 5 tracks loaded try the buttton on the left of the load button after pressing the load button. it's a refresh tracks button....

    I'll have another look tomorrow for some more thorough testing.....

  • I tried 1.3 and all bottom row buttons do work but i couldn´t get the files transfered after 1. the right bottom button flashes as i it would do something but the files won´t show up in mlrv4life.

  • @herrreinholt : any errors in max window?

    finding this one strange... unless it's trying to load them to fast or something.. though i've put quite a delay between file loads...

    check all folders and filetype's set and folders assigned in mlv4live and loops lauched in ableton...

  • okay i missed adding something in the 256 version

    you have to manual set the folder for each row even if the one it starts with (the red/ samples/recorded folder) is the right one....

    that might help..

  • fixed that on the 256 version..

  • thank you stevieraysean, thank you herreinholt !

    1.4 works well with my 256, but i have to have 5 audio channel and 1 loop into each channel into Ableton to make it works !

    yeah yeah yeah !

  • no problem :)

    so you need at least 5? thats kinda weird.... i'll investigate

    ideally i'm gonna make it so you can turn each channel on/off for receiving new files. might dump 1 o2 two of the loop modes or cut it down to 2 buttons that scroll through the four... 2 of them are kinda the same...

    have you tried it with 13 tracks and 13 loops in ableton? should work/be insane....

  • I had a quick look this morning and found a little fault that if you have a gap in the tracks in live it won't load them all properly ie

    live has clips in track 1, 3, 4, 5

    mlrv4live will load the first and the rest will get loaded into mlr but not assigned to a row.

    they will get assigned if you press the refresh button to the left of the load button on the bottom row.
    I'll fix this later today. won't be a problem..

    do you guys think it would be good to be able to load/assign the files on a track by track basis? instead of all at once?
    been thinking I could move the folder assigning to clicking in on the computer and change that button on the monome to load that specific track....

    would mean you could introduce new clips without disrupting mlr too much