.wav vs .aif

  • so I'm adding .wav support for my mlrV mod mlrV4live
    basically it loads whatever tracks are going in live to mlrV...


    I've noticed that .WAV files take about 5 seconds to load when dropped into mlr
    and .AIF pretty much load instantly...

    I want my app to support both but as I primarily use .aif I'm gonna have to slow down the loader to get it to work with .wav files. which kinda sucks..

    has anyone else noticed this? or care to shed light on why this is?
    I use a macbook..

  • nevermind, found the problem..

  • cool :) mlrv4live will rock !

  • dj64 notes a similar problem:

    "To play a sound file, it must be loaded into the patch. This patch will load .wav
    and .aif files. To load .mp3 files, click on ‘Settings’, and check the box labelled
    ‘MP3 LOAD?’ [note: with ‘mp3 load’ enabled, it will take slightly longer to load wav and aif files, and for this reason is by default switched off]."

    not sure if you still need a solution but throwing simioliolio's out there for ya.

  • What was the problem exactly.
    I've just put a little example together that i've been meaning to do for a while.
    It allows mp3 loading without the long load times for wav and aif files.
    It finds out what the file type is and then uses the relevant load method.
    This is all automatic and means you dont need a toggle to allow mp3 loads and wav files load nice and fast :)
    Try it out and let me know if this helps anyone.