Ableton7!!!/ Max5!!!

  • Both have been anounced! Check out the drum rack instrument for Live, looks promising. Also, Ableton boasts of Easy Hardware Integration. The new External Instrument device handles MIDI and audio routing and can be used to streamline the routing of hardware synths, multi-timbral plugins and ReWire devices. The new External Audio Effect device routes audio to and from user-specified ports of your audio hardware, which allows you to insert hardware effects boxes into a track's device chain. Both devices automatically compensate for any latencies introduced by audio and MIDI interfaces.. Not sure how all of this will effect users of 40h/256... but my imagination is running wild!



  • thank you cycling!

    alot of these ideas are things that reaktor has (browser, interface layer, drag-and-drop soundfile playing), but taken to a new level. this is EXACTLY what max needed IMO, no new objects, but a new shell to host all those great objects.

    control over filebrowser (sql?) queries from within the max patch? thats just awsome!

  • also, i guess i dont use ableton enough - im still at V5. MP3 support in V5 was a big enough addition to V4 that i wanted it, nothing since then has really piqued my interest.

    just my 2cents, of course, taken from a nutjob who prefers Reaktor to use handbuilt samplers in reaktor for live use instead of ableton.

  • Drum rack is why I really want some additional functionality either on the monome side, or on the ableton side.

    I'm trying to push for them allowing custom mapping layouts on the drum rack pads (currently favors a piano keyboard layout)

    but again on this end, I'd love to see MIDI note assignment in monomeserial!!


  • longjohns, you should be able to use _40_midi_press.mxb to achieve the routing you want. i agree being able to define mapping in Live would be nice but midi_press should get you want you're looking for.


  • Yeah, I know it's all possible through max, but I strongly do not want to run max!!

  • you could use ChucK?

    why don't you want to run max?

  • oh, probably all very n00bish reasons - It's just another variable that I'd really rather avoid.

    I then have to worry about the order I open apps in (like rewiring...) as max asks for my soundcard outs and I don't want it to have any, and I don't know how to make it stop...

    and if anything goes wrong it's one more place to troubleshoot.

    I realize that my own personal wishes aren't enough to drive the development of monomeserial, but I figure I should at least voice my opinion. :)

    It seems like a really handy thing to incorporate into the low-level handling of the monome.

    1) choose midi notes
    2) adc calibration

    that's what I continually bug kid sputnik and tehn about ;)

  • don't stop bugging us, or we'll forget ;)

    monomeserial is almost done being updated for the new series, and those are reasonable requests.