live set in San Diego Sept 5

  • My first solo live gig in years. somewhere between a DJ set and a live improv..

    Monome256 controlling a Molar-like VST for beats
    Lemur controlling 4 VST's via OSC:
    -2 modified Lucifers
    -aforementioned beatmaker
    -my "liveAPI" VST which talks to the LiveAPI for all Ableton needs :)

    nothing but QuartzComposer on the laptop screen :) Who wants to watch someone stare at a computer screen when they can watch someone staring at a.. erm.. touchscreen :|
    $10 presale, so I'm told

    so much custom code... gulp.. wish me luck.

  • good luck! come up to the bay and ill see you

  • would also love to make it to a show steve. definitely let us know when you line up a show further up north.

    have a great set!