OSC and the 256

  • Hi and hello all. I'm a new user of the 256 and would like some help from an expert if possible!
    I am trying to light all LEDs in a column using binary but I can't, only the top 8 LEDs light up. I noticed that binary 11111111 (255) will light the top 8 LEDs but how do I light all 16? If i send binary 1111111111111111 it doesn't work. In noticed that osc in the monome examples is 8 bit. Is this why only the top 8 LEDs light?
    I'm sorry if this Is little confusing, I'm a bit of a nOvice!!

    Many thanks in advance.

  • hi benno,

    i think you need to send a second argument for the next 8 bits. it sounds like you're trying to send:

    /256/led_col 65535

    it should be like:

    /256/led_col 255 255

    hope that helps!

  • Many thanks for the quick reply, that's great. I was really scratching my head over this one! Might make making a 16 button slider more tricky if I have to split the 16 into two lots of 8 but hey, at least I'll learn a bit more about max!

    Thanks again Phortran

  • no problem!

    yes it does make things a little tricker but i'm sure you'll figure out how to use it. there's always the 'led' command too (i use this for my faders page in pages to avoid the complexity of using led_col commands, it's pure laziness and technically doesn't perform as well as using led_col would, but in practice it's totally usable).

  • the problem with a single value greater than an unsigned byte (0 to 255) is that it really isn't reliable on all software used with the monome. at best you can hope for a signed 32 bit integer, like Max/MSP uses. for a 256, you would really want an unsigned 64 bit value (in case you have 2 256's next to each other with offsets), which Max and Pd dont allow . and then you have Reaktor, which only sends/receives 32-bit floats. i dont think you could even generate the proper value in Reaktor to send for led_row.