mlrV Myr - mlrV specifically for the 64/40h

  • Ello.

    Just finished an edit of mlrV specifically for use with the 64 or 40h, or anyone running hub I guess.

    I wanted more control and some extra top row functions, like in an old version of mlr with the shift buttons.

    So I added an extra top-row option called 'Shift', I personally like this as the rightmost top button.

    When held it allows you to access 7 other top row functions along the top row, these can be assigned in the top row tab in boxes 9-15, just like you would for a larger monome.

    I changed the top row functions that are loaded when selecting ur monome size in the first tab. So clicking the 64 icon should set you up for the way I like it, but this can be changed.

    I also included DoveMouse's wonderful extra save features.
    However, I'm having an issue in that when I save the xml file is always created and needs to be in the top directory of my Music folder.
    I've no idea why this is and it happens to me with DoveMouse's original edit as well.
    I tried asking on the thread and it seems no one else is having this problem so I hope you won't have it with this version either.

    Hope this is of some use.


  • thanks! this may solve a few issues for me.... the big one being i think "shift" is what i was hoping "x.plus8" would do.

  • nice, I am going to enjoy this!!!

  • Is it possible to make the reverse function available as a top row function?

  • bless your heart myr!! this has solved many of the issues i was having with mlrV.

    however, one thing i noticed right off the bat is... when you go to next preset, it jumps back to 16 columns. does that happen for you too or am i doing something wrong?

  • @Starklove
    I'm not getting that but I'm testing with monome40hfake at work so I'm not sure if that affecting it.

  • mlrV myr was the answer to a lot of problems i was having with mlrV, but there are a few major issues i've experienced... all but one i can work around. here's what's happening... tell me if i have something set up wrong that would be causing this.

    shift occasionally gets stuck or doesn't seem to work. when i save a session with shift enabled i always have to use it initially to get back to toprows 1-8 (e.g.- i toggle next.preset / prev.preset to deactivate shift)... that i can work around, but the intermittent functionality is problematic. anyone else having this?

    monome tests fine in monome base test. i had it on a hub, but now i'm connected directly and still problems. going to try a brand new USB cable when i get home tongiht.

    if i launch a blank mlrV myr session, it comes up as 8 columns in preset 0, but without even loading a sound or touching the monome, if i page to preset 1, the columns jump to 16 and if i page back they "stick"... so now preset 0 has 16 columns.

    if i launch a blank mlrV myr session and load sounds in, set up everything and store to preset 0, then page to preset 1.... it still jumps to 16 columns but at least then when i page back to preset 0 it returns to 8 columns. however, the speed (time compression/expansion ratio) jumps to a bizarre fraction (i usually play everything at 1x because i don't really tcex in mlr). the things is the samples do play back at 1x when triggered even though the tcex ratio is at 2.047x, 4.093x, 1.023x etc etc. i've experienced this in mlrV before anyway so i assume it's just a display bug.

    if i store a setup to a preset and then make a change and hit store again, it crashes mlrV. the "store" button lights up and stays lit up. trying to select anything gives me one of those macintosh "bonks". i then have to force-quit mlrV (max runtime 5).

    issues 2 and 3 i can work around... i just ignore the speed display bug and i now have a checklist so i make sure i set up my sessions very carefully (no mistakes before i store!).

  • re: the XML file needing to be at the top level of the music folder:

    maybe it is storing the audio file paths as relative instead of absolute paths? I have not tried this yet so it's only a guess.

  • anyone else having the shift problem or am i doing something wrong?

  • sorry for the late reply. i've been on holiday for a week.

    mlrv Myr was a really quick edit.
    i really haven't tested it too much myself either to be honest.

    however, i'm planning to add the edit to the latest version of mlrV that just came out. the save issues should disapear as i think the latest version has a better save already built in.

    i'll hopefully have a while to test the functionality myself.

    but the way i've edited it i think it will always have some limitations.

    haven't worked on getting the lights to work or change when shift is held, showing for instance if u have group stops set to top-row buttons 9 - 15.

    also i'm not sure if the top row functions that already change the functions of buttons either side when held will work when added to shift functions.

    i'll have a go in the next few days, see if i can find the issue and a fix.

  • I am having issues getting shift to work all the time as well so a fix would be super cool, and light feedback from shifted buttons would be wikid!
    Hope you had a good holiday :-)

  • pooks - although i'm sorry for your troubles, i'm glad to hear it's not just me... what's frustrating is it's an intermittent issue. sometimes it works smooth as silk and sometimes it just doesn't.

    myralfur - not sure if this helps in the troubleshooting, but when it goes wrong i notice that i can't get back to toprow 1-8... it's as if shift gets "stuck".

    btw, is there an "all-stop" command within mlrV itself? other than disabling DAC and relaunching? because that's what i have to do when shift gets stuck.

    when it works it's a dream come true for me! i love my lil' monome, but sadly she's just a lowly 40h... i've always wanted more toprow buttons.

    if you can get shift to work you will be my hero!!

    (and yes, a light indicator would be very cool if that's possible.)

  • Yup it's better when we get the same issues, at least a common bug is going to be easier to troubleshoot.
    I have to say this is one of the better MlrV's I have tried for working functions though. It is letting me use all 6 group which is a constant issue with some of the other MlrV's I have been trying out and it tends to work reliably as well.
    Good Work!


    a little early morning inspiration and i may have found a solution!

    still need to play with it a little more to make sure, but so far i've run through about 6 monome jams and no stuck shift keys!

    here's the trick...


    try this... put a duplicate shift on each toprow level. so for example, i use toprow 8 as my shift key and if i assign toprow 16 to shift as well... voil

  • hey, I had some pattern recorders on my second row and trying your double shift trick allowed me to start them first time but not stop them if I shifted back to the first row.. so it is better but not the perfect work around

  • yeah patterns don't work in TR 9-16. :(

  • this may all change, because i'm about to test a modded version of this, but i notice when i switch presets using the shift feature in mlrV myr there is a little click. (i keep prev.preset and next.preset on toprow 13 and toprow 14 so i have to hold down shift to get there on my 40h).

    it kind of sounds like a very brief dropout. any ideas?

  • hello, there are some news for this version? I have not had a chance to try it and I wanted to know if it is functional to 100% tnx.

  • i made a more reliable edit for starklove which i think he'll let me post...
    i clean it up and get it posted at some point.

  • got a 256, and started focusing on different apps, so nothing coming from me to be honest.

    hope dovemouse can sort you out...

    @dovemouse, i'd be interested in seeing you're edit if you can send it over

    james (hat) waterworth (dot) org (dot) uk

  • @dovemouse one for me, if you could send me a mail with demo would be nice.
    info (at) noisecollective (dot) net

    thank you in advance!

  • well,
    at the moment its very particular to starklove's needs. everything defaults to his preferred settings etc.
    just need to work just the shift function into a fresh copy of mlrV.

  • Please do :-)

  • sup y'all?

    this is the latest version of the edit of mlrV myr that dovemouse did for me...

    i was gonna post it previously, but i've been having an intermittent problem with ALL of the versions of mlrV that i run. i was holding off on posting until i could figure out what's wrong with my mlrV's... although i seem to be the only one with this problem so i'm guessing it's not the patch.

    i should mention there are some really quirky things that dovemouse did for me. for example, it's locked at a speed of 1 because i use this version for rockin mix stems from my sessions.... no tc/ex needed.

    there are some other quirks in there too, like it's easy to route via soundflower and it's using my default groupings.

    however the shift function works like a dream and there's a third pattern in there too!

    have fun!


  • hey, the link is broken, any way you can upload it again? thanks

  • Hi there...

    Tried to post something in the help section, but nothing...So maybe here???
    Quite new (only got my gs 64 for a month!) to all of these, but...
    Running mlrV without any problem and wanted to try the Myr version (wich seems to be a so good alternative to 64 users), but got this message:
    "stack overflow - audio disabled till this message is cleared"
    Do i need to have the full Max/Msp version to solve that???
    I'm with runtime only...

    Reno (Belgium)

  • anyone got the "sL_MLRV_v0.7" version starklove posted up (link no longer works) that they would kindly upload (email is fine too)?? please and thank you!

    i'd rather post up here so anyone can share it, but if u wanna email send to:

    theminsk420 'at' gmail 'dot' com

    if u email, i'll upload it to my divshare and post the link up here...if thats cool w/ yall.

  • when i try to load the original mlrv myr it crashes max5 every time. are ther any stable versions of mlrv out there? im just looking for one i could do a show with. mlrv (regular) has an issue where rows stop looping for me or die all together.

  • @talks
    you have to use Max msp 5.0.6 or 5.0.8 runtime.

    I have problems with pattern recording, thereĀ“s no way to turn off the pattern when it begins.
    Other thing, Anyone knows if there is a version of MLRV Myr with pre-roll recording?
    I have both, but separate and i find useful pre roll now.

  • hey there.
    does anyone still have the latest version of this? -
    my email: skyturnsgreen 'at' gmail 'dot' com