monome tweet reader

  • hey everybody

    my monome tweet reader has just gone live.
    It’s a pretty easy setup, enter you username and pw, click connect and add the search strings that are most important to you in the right-hand box

    the app obtains the 20 most recent tweets as well as mentions and updates from people you are following and scrolls them on the monome.

  • wow, such a geek app! I don't even know what twitter is!

  • Finally something usefull! :-)

  • oh my god. i think i've broken my geekbone.

  • Absolute madness. In all the right ways.

  • where in the XML file do u change it to 256 ?

  • …

    just set device to 256 like this


    mind that the settings.xml file is only created after you run the app for the first time

  • all i see is this





  • that’s the font.xml isn’t it?

    what system are you on? maybe settings.xml is created at a different location for some weird reason…

  • strange. if you enter your username, it is properly restored after relaunching the app?

  • where does the settings.XML file go? maybe just post it and i will put it in the correct path

  • it is created in the data folder, i have one attached



    though i just discovered a bug that has you to re-edit the file every time you quit the app, gonna fix that as soon as i can

    (hopefully) fixed the bug, please update everyone
    sorry for the hassle

  • ok got it running on my 256 and 80h , looks dope!!!!!

  • glad to hear that :)

  • Super application :) Awesome !

    But, could we choose the speed and the height of the text ? It would be great !

    Thanks !

  • speed is surely possible, I take that into account

    do you mean using the full height of the 256?

  • No I have a launchpad, I mean this :
    I think that all the letters can be shown with only 5 or 6 points, well here is my idea :

    Now, somethin like that :

    What I would like :

    Thanks for your fast reply, appreciated :)

  • yeah, I can see the point.

    I though about aditional features, a retweet button maybe but I couldn’t think of anything that had to be displayed alongside the tweets,

    love to hear your suggestions though

    edit: also, i found all caps to be pretty hard to read

  • Yeah, i like the small letters you did, could you try to get them look well in 5x5 leds ?


    Thanks for listening :)

  • isn't that what david letterman said imogen heap was using the monome for?

  • So, how is it going ?

  • hey.. my tweet reader doesn't work now.. I haven't used it for a long time.. is there an update on OSX or Java that we need to consider? Thanks!

  • Uhm, I think it’s not working anymore because Twitter shut down their basic auth support like a year ago (whoops).

    I’m currently way to backlogged to look into this but if someone fancies, I can put the code (Java) onto Github.

    I remember using some twitter library of some sort. I guess it only takes an update to that library and some tweaks to the GUI to get this up and running again.

  • hey -- would love to see the source for this. really just wanting to hack it open so i can type a phrase and have it scrolled across the device (no twitter interaction!).. like a pretty 16-wide nerdscroll.....

  • @galapagoose:

    you might want to look at nerdscroll.

  • hhahaha exactly — afraid i can't see a download for a 128/256 version on that page though >> i definitely looked there the other night!!