Monome withdrawls... LOL

  • First post. Eh. Been lurking for sometime.

    I pretty much have run every program that has came across this board. I love all the different options and tweaks that are created with max and such.

    I feel pretty comfortable with the understanding of all the apps and what not just short of actually creating a max patch. Coming form a dvd/web programming background, I fell right in.

    More than that, I really respect this community. You have to be decently intelligent and dedicated to even get a monome running, much less actually produce beautiful music with it.

    The problem is. I run an APC40! LOL

    I dig the fader's and knobs and the direct connection to Ableton. Plus it was cheaper and easier to buy. I feel like a trader.

    I have a few vids of how I use the APC as a monome, and thanks to the help of nativeKontrol I able to switch between Monome control and APC control.

    Well, much respect to all the monome users and I hope to be able to contribute in a small way to this community.


    Einstein would have owned a monome.

    "Music does not influence research work, but both are nourished by the same sort of longing, and they complement each other in the release they offer."


  • it’s not about who made your buttons
    it’s about something else

  • APC,Monome, etc. All love here :)

  • I dont have any... :(...

  • I love buttons and boxes.

    I have a friend that calls it "fingerboxing." I love it.